Women In Analytics Virtual Wine Tasting Experience

On August 26th, Kelsey Karski, one of our Solution Consultants, and Maha Ayoub, our Marketing Events Coordinator hosted a Virtual Wine Tasting for Women In Analytics.

Over 30 women attended this event from top organizations across the country along with speakers from Pandera, Looker, and Fivetran! These women came together with a goal to recognize and share their experiences and accomplishments made within their organizations and in a data-driven world.

Our Third Women-Focused Event This Year

Pandera is very excited to have had such talented and driven speakers attend our third female-driven event this year!

At the forefront of the event was a wine tasting hosted by Taylor Berkley Wine!  

Our speaker panel included: Corinne DeKind, and Rachel Prejean from Pandera, Paige Sheridan and Alyssa Cori from Looker, at Google, and Veronica Zhai from Fivetran. We cannot thank each of them enough for spending their time with us for the event. Without them, none of this would have been possible!

The speakers each shared their unique journey of how they each got into the analytics space, their experiences of how they reached the leadership positions they currently hold, some of the greatest accomplishments they have made thus far for themselves and their organizations, and even some fun facts about themselves!

The Importance of Highlighting Women In Our Data and Analytics-Driven Industry

Pandera has had an increasing number of internal female leaders that are actively working on projects deep in the analytics space, earning certifications through Google and Looker, building up their skill sets, making a difference, and becoming recognized as leaders in their industry.

Our teams have also collaborated and learned from so many other amazing women who are true leaders in this space, so we are proud to have shed light on some of their stories!

It is essential to showcase the impact and importance of women in the analytics industry. From data scientists to engineers and beyond, we look forward to promoting visibility to hard-working individuals in the workplace.

Please keep an eye out for future female-focused events as Pandera celebrates an environment of inclusivity!


Women In Analytics Virtual Wine TastingWomen In Analytics Virtual Wine TastingWomen In Analytics Virtual Wine TastingWomen In Analytics Virtual Wine Tasting

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