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Why Where You Store Your Data Matters To Your Role

Whether its costs, functionalities, or other limitations holding your specific role back from innovation, there is more than likely similar pain being felt around the rest of your organization as well. Not necessarily similar as in them being the same problems, but similar as in them having the same root causes. By understanding the core of these pain points it becomes easier to justify the allocation of budget, attention, and resources if they go into initiatives that solve many problems at once.

With that said, the way in which you approach data storage drastically impacts these functionalities, costs, and limitations that are the impetus causes of the pain points felt across the organization.

Organizations are currently struggling with: 

  • The financial burden to manage and efficiently scale data infrastructure as needs arise.
  • The ability to quickly develop due to system constraints.
  • The ability to utilize advanced data sciences in a time and cost efficient manner.
  • How to empower a collaborative, investigative, and innovative culture.


What Does a Modern Cloud Data Warehouse Unlock?

Realizing that your current data warehouse may be holding you back, you can begin to move forward and implement a modern cloud data warehouse that acts as the solution to many of the core problems your various business units are facing. So with a modern cloud data warehouse, what does that mean for your role?



CIO, CTO, Analytic Managers, System Architects, etc. 

Garner the ability to innovate and explore new data initiatives at a fraction of the cost which in turn validates business advantages quickly without elongated approval processes currently required.

  1. How do they get there?
    • Per Second Pricing
    • Native advanced analytic tools
    • Unlimited compute and storage
    • Decentralized and secure data centers



CTO, CIO, Innovation Director, App Dev, etc. 

Innovate faster by removing classic trade-offs that hold IT back from giving the business what it wants. ie. Security vs. Ability, Reliability vs. Cost, and Portability vs. Consistency.

  1. How do they get there?
    • Software-based stack
    • Open software for uniformity
    • Microservices and Orchestration
    • Containerization


Business Units (Marketing)

CMO, VP of Marketing, Marketing Managers, CEO, etc. 

Gain ability to create 360 degree views of your customers that enables dynamic segmentation and content delivery. Furthermore, attribute ROI as it affects sales across campaigns by running investigative reports without IT dependency.

  1. How do they get there?
    • Advanced data sciences
    • Self Service Native Analytic Apps
    • Open and Secure
    • AdTech Workloads


Analytic Leaders

CEO, CIO, CTO, CXO, VP Data & Analytics, Department Directors, etc. 

Manage business expectations and realize value across business units. Allow operational efficiencies to be capitalized upon or adjusted by navigating the challenges of scaling infrastructure, finding critical challenges, and optimizing costs.

  1. How do they get there?
  • Native Visualization Features
  • Compute Engine
  • Modern Cloud Data Pipelines
  • Enterprise Mobility

 What’s Next?

To learn more about how a Modern Cloud Data Warehouse impacts problems specific to your role or to the many problems across your organization, please reach out to today.

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