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Why is data storytelling important?


By now, you have probably heard about the concept of telling a story with your data. What you may not have heard, however, is why it is important. Below you will find a few distinct reasons why telling a good story with your data is important.

Gives Context to your insights


Telling a story with your data provides context to otherwise confusing and messy numbers. It allows you to quickly understand what you are looking at and why. The story should be simple enough for users to understand why what they are looking at is important in relation to other KPIs, your specific business process, or human behaviors. This context is key when attempting to make a decision critical to business success.

User Adoption


Users don’t care about the newest bell and whistle, they care about how it will help make their lives easier. Telling your story the correct way gives users the opportunity to quickly understand the importance of what they are looking at and what actions should be performed to correct course accordingly. This efficiency boost and ease of understanding is pivotal in your users adopting and interacting with your new tech. If they don’t understand the story or why they are looking at a certain dashboard, or if the data is all over the place, they are much less likely to adopt. Keep it simple, relevant, and helpful.

Efficiency boost


As users begin to adopt your technology stack, they will transform the way they work. The ability to quickly decide on the next steps and fully understand the context in which the information is being presented will give them back valuable time. Time that was spent sifting through data set after data set in an attempt to uncover important variances. As your users realize the strength of your analytic story, they will begin to champion to other employees and thus drive adoption further.

Your users will thank you for a well-designed analytic story, and so will your bottom line. To learn more about how Pandera Systems can design your story the right way please reach out today.


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