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What does AI mean for Customer Experience Managers?

As technology advances at a rapid pace with no signs of slowing down, it is important to be up to speed with the newest technologies and their impacts on your business. For Customer Experience Managers, AI is one of these new technologies disrupting the way in which brands interact with their customers. Furthermore, as customers come to expect more personalized experiences, not understanding and utilizing AI at all touch points leaves your organization at risk of being left behind in this hyper connected and mobile economy.

To utilize AI, it is first imperative to understand what it means in relation to customer experience. With a large ecosystem of technology platforms that help CX managers in their day to operations. AI is considered a capability within these platforms such as CRM’s or ERP’s that help manage, use, or analyze the data within them.

By focusing on AI as the ability to better interact with customer data that you already have, you can leverage the technology to do much of the heavy lifting required to intelligently interact with customers at every touch point, at scale. Beyond this, AI helps CX managers empower employees on the fly with more actionable insights that they can utilize to better serve in person communications.

The power of AI can fundamentally transform the way in which customers interact with your brand, but it can also have just as dramatic of an impact on your employees in their day to day operations. By reducing inefficiencies related to manual processes you give time back to your employees to create and move the entire organization forward. By giving this time back to your knowledge curators you are empowering a culture of constant innovation, not manual and mundane inputs.

On the other hand, AI is often mistakenly considered by some to be an automation capability that allows firms to replace employees with robots. While yes, some mundane tasks can be automated for CX managers, the true goal of AI should be to augment intelligence, not eliminate those that create it.

Google Cloud Platform and Pandera have created an AI-driven Omni-Channel Customer Experience for retail to improve on and offline interactions at scale. Through seamlessly personalizing, contextualizing, and delivering each interaction we help businesses create a complete 360 view of of their customers and in turn hit ambitious revenue goals.

To learn more about how AI can enhance your customer experiences today please reach out to or download our AI customer experience literature here. 

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