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What are People Analytics?

In a technology focused society business leaders often forget to focus on their most important resource, their people. But, organizations do have the opportunity to innovate with the correct mindset and change the way their people work. By focusing on their people and empowering users to make better decisions through technology organizations can become more efficient and “Smart” in their every day operations.

In 2019, it is no secret that analytics can drastically improve the way organizations operate and make decisions. Less well known however is the fact that 49% of CEO’s are changing their talent strategies to utilize people analytics specifically and focus on how they can attract, retain, and engage their workforces more efficiently.

Simply put, people analytics deliver key insights about staffing, wages, leadership development, and talent successes across organizations in real time to operation and HR leadership. Pandera is working with forward thinking organizations to deliver visibility and measurement into the life cycle of talent from resume, to hire, and beyond.

How is it consumed?

As the way we interact with information constantly evolves, so must the delivery strategies organizations use to empower their decision makers. Delivery methods vary from organization to organization but through mediums such as mobile devices, web, voice and so on users are empowered to visualize and interact with key HR metrics to normalize important people processes and expedite people decisions overall.

How does it help?

As innovative as organizations may seem to be, the same age old questions are being asked every single day.

  • Are we hiring the right people?
  • Are we paying competitive wages?
  • Why are people leaving?
  • With the cost of hiring, are we spending correctly?

In relentless pursuit of those answers, HR departments have realized the necessity of an innovative insight delivery strategy. Pandera’s people analytics suite delivers 9 meticulously designed dashboards to give users holistic views and the ability to navigate and investigate without IT dependency. This sort of self service sets organizations on the path of constant advancement in concepts such as talent strategies, recruiter workload, leadership pipeline health, compensation insights and more.

Where do I start?

We invite you to join our free Webinar on 5/22 that will go through our People Analytic Suite utilized by organizations boasting over $2 Billion in annual revenue to help them attract, retain, and engage their workforces more efficiently.

If you can’t make the webinar but would like to learn more, please reach out to today.



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