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We Can’t Wait to See You at MicroStrategy World 2017

This year marks the 20th anniversary of MicroStrategy World, and as the conference’s only Platinum sponsor, Pandera is celebrating by unveiling an expansive library of new innovations that will continue to re-shape the way businesses interact with data. Stop by booth #301 to visit the Pandera team, and learn more about how we’re revolutionizing the industry.

Here’s just a small preview of what we’re bringing to MicroStrategy World this year:


Analytics Advisor Powered by Alexa

Augmented Intelligence becomes your analytics advisor, as it leverages your BI implementation to make it smarter, faster. Eliminate the need for touch and click: you’ll no longer be tethered to a device as the lines between using a device and being used by a device begin to blur. BI platforms continue to expand with a more intuitive continuous improvement loop. Results are better and outcomes improve as input volumes are captured.

Don’t miss our featured presentation, AI Meets Self-Service: Augmented Intelligence is the New BI to learn all about it. Track 12, Session 2 – Wed April 19 – 2:15pm to 3:15pm



Educate, Collaborate, Optimize with On-Demand Assistance: ECO

What do you get when industry and technology experts get together to tackle the problem of continuous education? Hands on training with real world scenarios, in cutting edge platforms, leveraging the power of cloud technology so that its available anytime, anywhere. ECO’s toolkits are pre-loaded with standards, best practices, scenario-based examples, and design accelerators, enabling users to hit the ground running with confidence.


System Optimization & Performance Management: Sense

Sense is a user behavior administration tool and program mentor that improves user skillsets and drives technology adoption patterns. Sense is the only product that allows analytics leaders to understand infrastructure, platform, and usage health that ultimately creates suggested learning to continually evolve your organization’s analytics prowess and and data driven culture. Put knowledge in people’s hands differently.


Sales Performance Management: REV

Pandera’s new performance management platform brings balanced scorecards to all employees and organization levels in minutes. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. REV provides you with the tools necessary to track and measure performance based on business and individual sales goals. Our goal setting and scorecard features give you transparency into how your business and reps are performing towards their goals. Align your business and create a performance driven culture that not only reaches their goals but exceeds them.



Changing the Way People Learn: Traena

Learning is the best way to keep up in our fast-paced, rapidly-changing world. We created Traena to bring the way people learn, professionally, into the 21st century. Traena uses data science and machine learning results surfaced from MicroStrategy to create highly personalized, in-context learning experiences; we employ emerging mobile and social technology so that people can learn from and with their peers whenever and wherever they need to. We curate networks of experts, allowing companies to source learning from the best and brightest in the field.


Combating Fragmented Analytics: Dynamic Stories

Dynamic Stories allows teams to better collaborate around insights and make high-quality, team-driven decisions. It’s a way for teams to consolidate fragmented insights across analytics tools into one cohesive story, and eliminate costly manual consolidation, annotation, and presentation efforts via automated generation and archiving.



Insight at a Point of Interest: Augmented Reality Analytics

Augmented Reality with MicroStrategy handling all the analytical processing and data as a service allows us to immerse employees, consumers, and all constituents in a digital experience. Converging physical presence with the big data, analytics, and the computing paradigm.

We’ll be showing a live demonstration of practical use cases of Augmented Reality in the analytics space at our booth, so stop by booth #301 to see it in action, and try it for yourself.


MicroStrategy and Oracle EBS: The New Power Couple

Unleash the full power of Oracle E-Business Suite with industry-leading best analytics platform. Take advantage of hundreds of project accelerators and MicroStrategy’s self service, visual discovery integrated with your existing Oracle E-Business Suite out of the box. Turn standard grid report data into actionable insights with stunning, visually intuitive analytical tools in a self-service, fully governed data ecosystem.


Making Your Data Decision-Ready: Data Governance Tools

Pandera has created the Decision-Ready Standard as a means to finally solve the problems with balancing the demands of Self-Service BI with meaningful data governance. Users can still create any custom report required by their business process and be able to depend on a set of certified Decision-Ready reports through a seamlessly integrated solution. Pandera’s Decision- Ready Standard platform takes advantage of technology to provide a robust process for report certification without limiting users’ ability to create custom reports.


Transforming the Agile Methodology: Agile Analytics

Pandera is transforming the way companies use Agile by combining key executive goals, the Agile mindset, and analytics to drive change within the most important investment of a company: its people. This transformation of combining analytics with traditional Agile services will drive measurable change within a company’s human capital to drive realtime team productivity, velocity, quality and a team’s self-managing maturity. This method connects analytics with team performance in an Agile environment to truly drive the key measures of an enterprise.


We’re looking forward to seeing you at MicroStrategy World!

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Matthew is the Chief Data Officer and champion of controlled self-service business intelligence environments, supporting people in creating, maintaining and utilizing a self-service environment while upholding security infrastructures.