Top Takeaways from the Women In Analytics Conference ’21

Pandera Women in Analytics'21

Pandera is honored to have attended the Women In Analytics Conference last week. The interactions and experiences of our attending team members had been informative, to say the least. Here are the top 3 takeaways they shared with us about their experience:

Quality of Speakers

Pandera team members could easily tell that there was much thought and effort put into who was selected to speak. They thoroughly enjoyed the keynote speakers as the topics they touched on can be utilized by professionals at all levels.

For example; Leigh Alexander, a bioinformatics scientist @ SomaLogic, spoke about the adoption of best practices that standardize workflow, increase efficiency, and enable reproducibility as a data science team grows within a company.

Potential for Learning and Growth

“The potential growth and widespread outreach they have cultivated in five short years are amazing,”

says Kelsey Karski, our very own Pandera Systems Data & Analytics Solutions Consultant. She explains how excited she is to have been a part of Women in Analytics Conference this year and is looking forward to seeing the direction they’re headed towards in the future especially so because they are based in her hometown.

Networking Opportunities

Our team has connected and socialized with so many attendees that were not only open to networking but willing to discuss their ideas and ask questions about cloud migration, digital transformation, data management, machine learning, or any other services that Pandera provides. The ideas were buzzing which further grew the positive energy at this conference. 


If you were a Women in Analytics Conference ’21 attendee and haven’t had a chance to connect with our solution experts or have and want to discuss possible solutions that can aid your business’ growth and give you a competitive edge. Feel free to contact Kelsey Karski at


Thank you to our solution experts and consultants who attended and represented Pandera at the Women In Analytics Conference 2021: Kelsey Karski Kevin McKernan Dhwani Rao Greg Arndall

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