Thoughtspot and Pandera

Unleash the value of
your cloud data

ThoughtSpot is a business intelligence and big data analytics platform offering custom cloud solutions. With a true self-service for anyone in a business, ThoughtSpot delivers insights fast and can be deployed as SaaS or software in a virtual private cloud.

If you’re looking to get insights faster, empower your teams and reach more success through utilizing data, we can help you get started with ThoughtSpot.

Proof of Value.

We help you make the most informed decision on whether Thoughtspot is the right tool for your use cases and organization. With our team of platform experts can confidently get set up on ThoughtSpot.

Thoughtspot Everywhere.

Integrate Thoughtspot analytics into your own platforms and leverage the platform to get insights whenever and wherever you need them. Replace static dashboards with modern, and intuitive experiences.

Thoughtspot Foundations.

Implement your organization’s use cases to accelerate time to insight and your organization’s usage of the platform with the full implementation support from our Thoughtspot and analytics experts.


Our team of platform experts provide extensive training for key Thoughtspot knowledge areas such as administration, development, and end user capabilities. Our training is tailored to fit your unique business and team needs.

Managed Services and Hosting.

Take advantage of Pandera’s expertise in managing the platform infrastructure and environment so you can focus purely on the analytics and generating value from the platform.


Thoughtspot + Google Cloud

Connect directly
to BigQuery
to get insights fast.

Who says you need to be a data expert to love ThoughtSpot on Google Cloud? Everyone can leverage powerful data, analytics, and machine learning solutions to deliver real-time insights to move your business forward.

Learn how your organization can foster a data-driven culture and gain a competitive advantage.

Thoughtspot is not just for Analysts.


Empower business users to ask their own ad-hoc questions. Focus on strategic initiatives and analyze trends to boost analytics adoption and drive digital transformation.

Business Teams.

Stop waiting for custom reports from data experts and instantly answer ad-hoc data questions from your data in Google Cloud.

Data Engineers.

Connect live to Google BiqQuery or Snowflake on Google Cloud. Have other data sources on GCP? ThoughtSpot can handle that too.


Talk to our certified experts.

Whether you are planning or are already in the midst of your transformation journey, our experts can help you accelerate your transformation initiatives.