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Critical Themes of Data Driven Companies

The way in which organizations approach a digital transformation varies for a variety of reasons such as budget, business goals and the starting point. But, when taking a look at successful data driven companies there are a few themes that transcend industry, model, and region. 

Static to Dynamic


The days of singular KPI reporting with little ability to drill into the numbers are a thing of the past. The ability to manipulate reports on the fly for business users is a must for organizations aiming to transform their organizations with data


Digital Storytelling


Business metrics without context in this day and age are irrelevant. Each organization has a responsibility to articulate the health of their business through an engaging and contextual medium. There is a story to be told with the numbers, data teams must present the data in such a way. 


User Located


As our culture becomes more and more mobile so must our reporting capabilities. Successful organizations boast the ability to interact with business data on the fly whether that be via mobile at the airport or from an Ipad on the retail floor. 


Modern interactions


Digital storytelling is key, but for those who want to know more on the fly the way in which data driven organizations interact with their data must evolve. Through natural language processing, data research becomes more conversational than statistical. Allowing technology to do the heavy lifting allows business leaders to lead and interact at a faster rate – getting them back to the business and out of the numbers. 




True data driven organizations empower users to utilize their modern data interactions and collaborate throughout the process. This collaboration and empowerment drives organizations towards creating “Curious Cultures” that ask Why? Then also have the ability to find the answers. 


The IT dependencies of the past are eroding. Self service and contextual delivery of insights are truly staples of data driven organizations. To learn more about how to get your organization to become a modern data driven one, please reach out to 

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