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Snowflake on Google Cloud – Pandera Partners Unite

Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, announced at their Snowflake Summit on June 4th the expansion of their product offering to integrate with Google Cloud Platform. As data warehouses of the past strain under the increasing burden of extremely large and diverse data sets as well as storage and compute resources necessary to process and analyze the data within them, Snowlake attacks those problems head on. Through their cloud-built data warehouses, Snowflake, enables seamless and secure data integration throughout organizations across its platforms and multiple cloud environments. Modern Data Warehouse architecture built for the cloud provides access to near infinite, low-cost storage; improved scalability; the outsourcing of data warehousing management and security to cloud vendor; and the potential to personalize payment to reflect only the storage and computing resources actually used from day to day.


New Partnership with Clarabridge

We are pleased to announce our newest addition, Clarabridge, to the Pandera Alliances list! Clarabridge offers software solutions that automatically collect, categorize, and report customer feedback from multiple data sources. Their product suite gathers data from social media, surveys, and even speech data to turn it into actionable analytics. Using natural language processing and other patented technology, the software is used to improve customer experience management and customer feedback programs. Pandera will be specializing in making this data more understandable and intuitive for better decision-making and leadership alignment. This customer insight will help leaders make bold decisions with confidence!

Contact us for a demo and to learn how Clarabridge is helping lead companies to improve their customer experience!


Partnership with Dailey Mobility

Pandera is excited to announce our recent partnership with Dailey Mobility. Our advanced analytics enables data exploration at massive scale, and simplifies visual reports for faster, more cognizant decision-making. Dailey Mobility’s expertise in mobile strategy, design and deployment ensures rapid implementation and adoption. We’re working together to re-engineer the corporate decision-making environment, extending intelligence, and immersing mobile workforces in knowledge with constant access to data through the widest array of computing devices. This constant access to centralized knowledge creates enterprise-wide alignment, so employees can make efficient decisions anywhere and anytime. We’re your single source for innovative solutions to optimize business processes and drive peak performance.