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Pandera Systems joins the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Premier Partner

TAMPA, FL. – February 13th, 2020 – Pandera, a leader in cloud transformation and advanced analytics solutions, is excited to announce they have joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Premier Partner. This achievement recognizes Pandera’s expertise and technical proficiency in leveraging Google Cloud Platform (GCP), to deliver advanced cloud solutions. Pandera uses GCP to solve customers’ complex challenges and achieve agile, secure, outcome-driven cloud transformations.

“This announcement is the culmination of a year of hard work by our team. It demonstrates the depth of experience we bring to the table. We appreciate Google Cloud’s thoroughness in the review process and think it’s a testament to the maturity of the platform and the partner ecosystem.” CTO – Erik Willsey

Premier status solidifies Pandera’s status as a market leader, offering solutions integrated with Google Cloud and accelerators enabling optimal cloud transformation for organizations across the globe.

To achieve their Premier Partner distinction, Pandera ramped the number of certified GCP architects & data engineers on-staff, delivered innovative solutions leading to customer success, and earned Specializations in both Infrastructure and Data Analytics.

Premier distinction and Specializations in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program are designed to provide Google Cloud customers with qualified partners that have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven success in specialized solution and service areas.

“We are all extremely proud to have earned the prestigious Premier Partner status with Google Cloud. Google Cloud is core to all of our strategic initiatives, and we believe that it will continue to be a leading innovator in every aspect of cloud computing. Over the last two years, we’ve collaborated with the Google Cloud team to deliver incredible customer solutions that were only possible on GCP, and we’re even more excited about what will be possible this year.”  CEO – Kevin Curley

Pandera delivers advanced solutions in cloud, business intelligence, data science, advanced analytics, application development, and data engineering. Headquartered in Tampa, FL, the company solves critical, complex challenges for customers across North America and Europe and holds specialized certifications in their technologies. For more information about Pandera and our specializations please contact us at

Top 7 Essentials of a Successful Business Intelligence Strategy

In 2018 it is pretty standard that all companies have at least some sort of Business Intelligence Initiatives ongoing. But, this doesn’t imply that all add value to their organizations through data-driven insights. With that said, there are key things to be aware of when on the never-ending journey that is Business Intelligence. Here are our top 7 essentials of a successful business intelligence strategy.


From Dead End to Data Analytics

Boston, MA – My name is Brian O’Connor, and a year ago I made the decision to change my career and enter the innovative world of Data Analytics. Everyone wants to provide value and feel useful. Unfortunately, in your typical banking role that is not always the case. Seeing no growth path and lacking the feel of bringing actual value to my clients, I made the decision to enter the Level Education boot camp. Since then, I have been brought on the Pandera Systems team as a Business Intelligence Analyst and couldn’t be happier with where my career is heading (not to mention the value I am providing to my clients). I was honored to give a speech this past Friday at a Boston WeWork to a group of potential students interested in making the leap into the data analytics space.