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Success Story – Staples and Pandera build a single version of the truth

 As with many large organizations, creating a single version of the truth that decision-makers can act upon is a challenge. Office supply store Staples is no different. With over 79,000 employees, 2,000 locations, and operations in 26 different countries, it is easy to see why 75 weekly reports and upwards of 175 ad-hoc reports were not going to cut it. These reports were often outdated prior to even getting in the decision maker’s hands, which in turn reduced adoption and confidence in the analytic strategies that Staples aimed to pursue and drive growth from.

“This was about ‘fast’ and ‘impactful’. We have a large amount of accessible data to help make critical business decisions. Our company needed to create a single delivery platform for crucial information to drive those decisions and our business.” – Jay Peek, Director of Sales, Staples US Retail.

Along with MicroStrategy, Pandera Systems created a custom solution named “BizFIT”. Through a hands-on and iterative development process, BizFit was designed to meet the custom needs of each department involved. The end result was a beautiful and contextual single version of the truth that US retail, loss prevention, merchants, business services, and finance departments could all count on to drive growth. Through the mobile platform, store managers are able to quickly and effectively make decisions and positively affect the level of customer service they can provide. While effectively condensing 75 weekly reports into only 13 real-time screens is a feat in itself, the real value was derived as the employee adoption rates rose.

As Staples employees began interacting with their information management system the entire culture shifted towards an analytic-driven organization they have seen a dramatic improvement in business operations across all involved departments and plan to push to more than 1,300 stores in the near future.

Pandera Systems remains focused on using innovative technologies and analytic strategies to change the way people work for the better. If you would like to learn more about Pandera Systems and how we can help make success predictable for your organization please contact us today.

Pandera Systems would like to give due recognition to the talented team that made BizFIT possible – Steve Jones, Eric Partee, Hermant Balijepalli, Brian Weiss, Raj Phatak, Matt Thomas, Nathan Thomas.

This story was originally published by our Partners at MicroStrategy. To read the original article please click here.

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