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Solution: End-to-end Machine Learning pipeline that analyzes, categorizes, and alerts compliance officers about digital behavior and social media made by professional & collegiate athletes.

With Google Cloud, customer is innovating in the industry by building new solutions that address critical issues impacting athletes on social media.

“We are very happy about what Pandera built with us and I make it a point to highlight that with every opportunity I can as we meet strategic partners and customers”
– Anonymous
VP of Information Technology

The challenge

College athletic departments struggle to oversee all their student athletes’ behavior online. Behavior which has proven to be detrimental to the school brand or student body and the health and safety of the institution.

The solution

Customer sport developed a platform for coaches and teams to support their students and athletes in the 21st century. Customer has been implementing technology to support all of the NCAA, NBA, 11,000 high schools, and 9 countries.

Customer added to this suite of tools for coaches the ability to measure and coach on behavior risk, depression, aggressive behavior by ingesting petabytes of data via a Modern Infrastructure comprised of data pipeline, complex AI leveraging GCP AI features, to activate Smart Analytics that ultimately cast information signals to support teams to  guide and prevent issues.

The results

NCAA divisions are able to use the platform to coach in on the court and better able to coach off the court. The technology is able to do what thousands of compliance team members cannot do at scale and consistently.