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Snowflake on Google Cloud – Pandera Partners Unite

Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, announced at their Snowflake Summit on June 4th the expansion of their product offering to integrate with Google Cloud Platform. As data warehouses of the past strain under the increasing burden of extremely large and diverse data sets as well as storage and compute resources necessary to process and analyze the data within them, Snowlake attacks those problems head on. Through their cloud-built data warehouses, Snowflake, enables seamless and secure data integration throughout organizations across its platforms and multiple cloud environments. Modern Data Warehouse architecture built for the cloud provides access to near infinite, low-cost storage; improved scalability; the outsourcing of data warehousing management and security to cloud vendor; and the potential to personalize payment to reflect only the storage and computing resources actually used from day to day.

Google Cloud Platform has already been making waves in the cloud community and this integration with Snowflake allows enterprise customers to operationalize Snowflake on GCP while bringing their comprehensive set of advanced analytics and machine learning solutions to current and future customers alike. Snowflake customers will have the option to seamlessly and securely store data in Google Cloud Platform to take advantage of the performance, scalability and security of Google Cloud together with their analytics warehouse of choice.

“Snowflake is putting what customers want first, as more organizations adopt a multi-cloud strategy, its become important for businesses to have a unified data source. We’re excited to work with Google Cloud to provide the flexibility, performance, and unlimited concurrency that customers require to power their businesses ahead of the competition” – Snowflake CEO, Frank Slootman


Global leader in healthcare supply chain management and healthcare technology solutions, McKesson Corporation, will be the first customer to leverage Snowflake on Google Cloud through an early access program in the months to follow. In doing so, they aim to prove the power of cloud built data warehouses in conjunction with Google Clouds scalability and robust offering of in house advanced analytics and machine learning solutions.

The partnership will be available to customers through an early access program late in 2019 and become generally available by early 2020. Pandera Systems is excited to see two of our partners joining forces to better serve its customers in an ever complex ecosystem of data warehousing and cloud solutions.

If you would like to learn more about this partnership and begin to modernize your data warehouse initiatives we invite you to reach out to today. Through our expertise and expansive portfolio of successful projects on both platforms, we aim to be forethought service providers within this exciting advancement for years to come.

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