MicroStrategy Training Solutions

Pandera, a trusted MicroStrategy partner, delivers the talent and resources to produce knowledgeable BI teams and drive user adoption throughout the organization.

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“These are great courses to learn the capabilities of MicroStrategy and how to build reports and dashboards. Great to learn how to build solutions for clients.”

Lakshmi V.
Fortune 100 Food and Beverage Company

“The Architect & Advanced Architecture classes were very thorough and offered a solid foundation. Had several ah-ha moments of how to do things, plus the ’why’ behind them.”

Mike P.
Large Federal Government Agency

Tailored Business Intelligence Training

Pandera Training offers pre-configured, user-centric courses with which to deliver end-to-end MicroStrategy training. Though meticulously crafted by our team of experts, we understand that one size almost never fits all. We abandon the cookie-cutter method of generic training and tailor our agendas, format, and delivery methods to address users’ professional needs.

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Seamlessly Embedded Training with Maestro

Maestro is the simplest and most effective tool to provide instant access to essential learning to users. By providing just-in-time training, seamlessly embedded within the context of user routines, users will possess the immediate ability to enhance or maintain their knowledge right before accessing a report or dashboard.

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Scalable Managed Business Intelligence Training Solutions

Pandera Training provides the perfect blend of expert-led comprehensive training solutions with flexible delivery options to empower your organization to train your users. Whether private or public, classroom or remote, our experienced instructors will deliver lively instruction, conduct question and answer sessions, and guide users through detailed hands-on exercises to move learning into action. Pandera Training doesn’t just offer business intelligence courses; we offer scalable managed training solutions. We can provide the training for a single user or the training for hundreds.

Expert Instructors

With experienced instructors who have delivered business intelligence training at Fortune 500 companies and government institutions, you leave with the training you need to achieve a high degree of business intelligence literacy.

Flexible Delivery Methods

We understand that one size almost never fits all. We customize our agendas, format, and delivery methods to address your professional needs. Pandera Training doesn’t just offer courses, we offer managed training solutions.

Efficient Training

Our training solutions are crafted to address your required tasks, rather than merely addressing the functionality of a tool. Our engaging and high-paced training modules will resonate with users in order to ensure high retention.


Pandera Training is a budget saver. We offer high-quality, immediately impactful business intelligence training tailored to your specific needs at a price that is significantly lower than our competitors.

Process Optimization and Human Capital Transformation

Foster business intelligence optimization and increase efficiency and user self-sufficiency with Pandera Training. By folding Talent Management into process optimization, Pandera Training experts will work with your team to empower decisions and maximize your return on data.

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