Pandera Agile

Combining Organizational Goals and Analytics with an Agile Mindset

The Evolution of Agile Methodology

Pandera is transforming the way businesses use Agile Methodology by combining key executive goals, the Agile mindset and analytics to drive change within the most important investment of any organization: people. This combination of analytics with traditional Agile services drives measurable change within human capital to drive real-time team productivity, velocity, quality and a team’s self-managing maturity. This measurable analysis of team performance in an Agile environment truly drives strategic key measures and business decisions. By tracking Agile transformation within an organization, businesses will see improved return on investments, and real, continuous improvement with tangible data to encourage growth and success.


An audit to review the current state of Agile maturity to identify points of improvement within the Agile process.

  • A roadmap will be created to initiate growth and changes your agile culture needs to maximize results within your people and processes.


We assess the current state of the organization’s current project methodology.

  • The assessment will result in a transformation plan to successfully implement the Agile mindset to provide focus on business value, quality improvement, transparency and lean financials.


We work collaboratively with your internal project managers and teams.

  • An Agile Coach will create a roadmap to focus on areas of improvement, including team or individual training, SCRUM Master mentoring, cross training within teams, training for C-level and overall skill and team improvement.


We partner with you to create an Agile Roadmap to support alignment with leaders on new methodology, budget and key performance indicators.

  • The implementation will provide speed to market, visibility improvement, cost control and an overall better product to serve internal and/or external customers.


We offer a range of certified training classes to assist in the development and growth of your Agile teams.

  • Training your Agile teams leads to team maturity and continuous success.

Analytics Health Check

We provide a performance management platform that enables you to examine live team analytics.

  • Understanding team analytics during the implementation, coaching and training of your organization, allows insights on team performance.
  • You will have the ability to analyze velocity and productivity at the program and project level.

SCRUM Master

We provide qualified SCRUM masters to guide your team.

  • SCRUM Masters help to drive, support and bring results to your SCRUM teams.

Our experts will help you:

Provide early and predictable delivery.

Focus on business value.

Improve project quality and visibility.

Increase revenue.

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