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Scalable and reliable cloud-based infrastructure

Cloud Management as a Service offers versatility of no long-term contracts and one monthly payment that makes Infrastructure as a Service and Software as a Service ideal for organizations looking to utilize the scalability and reliability of the cloud. Using the expertise of our team, we will help you choose and build the most cost effective environment for your business goals.

Are you just looking for a reliable host for your business needs? We offer an array of options to get your business up and running quickly in the Cloud. This is perfect for businesses who can manage their environments internally but don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up a secure Cloud from the ground up.

The following is included with our Cloud Management service:

Cost Management - We will always make sure any solution implemented is the most cost effective.

Security - We integrate encrypted VPN tunnels straight to your office and offer VPN clients for traveling users. Servers are protected behind our firewalls which includes monthly penetration testing and full monthly audits.

Dedicated Support - We are here 24/7 to support your environment. We take the technical lead, assisting you every step of the way from the Architecture, to DevOps, Systems and Network support.

24/7 Monitoring - Our main goal is to take the worry out of infrastructure and networking and let you focus on your primary business goals. Monitoring is a critical part of our managed services that allow us to know of any issue before you do.

Backups - We have many levels of backups that we can perform based on your needs, from hourly, daily or weekly backups with snapshots of the entire server, to file level backups that happen as frequent as every 15 minutes. We also perform monthly testing of backups.

Specialized Platform Management - Our team of engineers can assist you with the most complicated areas, including Microstrategy Architecture solution, BI integration, data integration, and more, to help your business grow.

Automation & Scalability - We can work directly with your business to automate complex server builds and maintain version control using CHEF and GIT. Only build what you need when you need it; this enables peak performance at all times while always working to keep costs low.

Cloud Management Online Training

As your organization grows, so does your need to getting new employees up to speed quickly to minimize downtime. This can be a challenge for companies with limited resources and employees working from multiple locations.

Cloud computing has made resources more accessible and easier than ever to use. With restrictions in network security on all fronts, accessing servers can be an issue, so we developed a customized solution that only requires internet access and a browser. Using cloud hosting offers the flexibility of scaling training servers as needed. We understand that cost is a determining factor, so we offer training environments for flexible time periods - as little as a day at a time, to any number of months at a time - with no contracts required. We also offer free testing to ensure you’re able to connect to our training environment before purchasing any servers.


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