OB Hospitalists Group

OB Hospitalist Group executes a full migration of their business analytics and app environment to Google Cloud

OB Hospitalist Group Success Story | Data Management & Cloud Services


Pandera is a true partner that works with OBHG to advance our business and cloud strategy.


– Angie Holcombe-Tyrrell | Director, IT Application Development and Support


The Challenge

OB Hospitalist Group (OBHG) is a national leader in elevating the quality and safety of women’s healthcare. OBHG clinicians are on the front lines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ensuring that every pregnant woman who presents to the hospital is evaluated and treated by a highly-skilled physician — every time. The key to OB Hospitalist Group’s success is a data-driven approach to collaboration. OB Hospitalist Group sought a flexible, secure, scalable business intelligence environment for collaboration initiatives that could exceed the current on-premises system on an affordable economical model.  


The Solution

To enable OB Hospital Group physician collaboration initiatives and provide OB Hospital Group with a scalable and easy to manage system, Pandera defined an environment transformation plan that included moving their existing business intelligence applications to Google Cloud.


To support the collaboration capabilities of their now modernized architecture, Pandera provided enhanced data pipeline capabilities and created additional analytical insights within the business intelligence application. Pandera Managed Services utilized the power of GCP to empower greater control of the ecosystem by providing operational information into app utilization, environmental health, and more to help track and maintain optimal performance of their now modernized environment. The GCP solution immediately improved costs by understanding optimal use patterns, peak-demand, and right-scaled compute for their business applications used nationwide.


The Results

OB Hospital Group has achieved one of the key business drives with physician collaboration through data-driven insights at scale on Google Cloud. The Google Cloud Environment efforts contributed to increased stability and availability of the overall business intelligence ecosystem.  OB Hospital is seeking to deliver additional data-driven modernization efforts and analytical applications to their teams, physicians, and suppliers to make faster better-informed business decisions.