Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC)

MDIC Establishes a Secure Data Platform, Allowing Industry Collaborators to Submit Clinical Study Results for Analysis.

MDIC Success Story
MDIC Healthcare
The Challenge

MDIC started the NESTcc initiative with the purpose of having active surveillance of medical devices in use. To achieve this they would need to aggregate data from collaborators and ensure the system was secure, resilient, able to serve analytical results to end users, meet HIPAA and other regulatory standards.

The Solution

Pandera deployed a net new VPC within the Google Cloud Platform as MDIC did not have a an existing cloud footprint. This included the creation of isolated and secure networks, rigorous IAM policies, capturing of audit logs, a service perimeter to ensure stringent access controls to public endpoints, as well as Cloud Security Command Center.

For the deployment of the analytics platform, Pandera defined Cloud Composer workflows to take data from raw ingestion, PII checkpoints (DLP), data validation, capturing of data lineage, to landing in a consumable format by end users (BigQuery) and analytics applications (Cloud SQL.)

The Results

Working with data collaborators, four successful tests of the data platform were performed. Two tests were based on synthetic data and validated the performance of the environment, the other two were real data. The sample sets for the real data were processed through the system and run through the analytics tool giving the expected results, based on previous iterations. Through all the testing Pandera was able to ensure security, blocking and removal of PII ingestion, provide detailed lineage of the data ingestion process, and surface results to end users via Data Studio.

The successful execution of the POC opens the door for the expansion of the NESTcc Active Surveillance program, added collaborators, and enablement of device monitoring.