Sense comprehensively monitors real time BI application systems, operational and user adoption health, enabling leaders to identify opportunities to optimize their platform and improve user skills.

Identify KPIs and Environment Trends at a Glance.

Improve user and analytics performance by increasing visibility into critical areas with real-time monitoring and functional controls.

Be Alerted to Environment Impacting-Events First.

Receive personalized alerts for a variety of user impacting issues. With Sense, you’ll know when things aren’t working and where to fix them before they impact business teams.

Modify User Behavior for Maximum Performance.

Identify and adjust behaviors and productivity through individual user and group level analysis. Achieve improved development quality and skill maturity through targeted training through integration with the Pandera Intelligence Ecosystem.

Measure and Drive User Adoption Goals.

Set goals for your organizational BI System adoption and measure success based on proven usage metrics, respond to user needs through usage behavior trends and identify areas for continuous improvement.

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