Pandera offers a wide variety of products specifically tailored for your evolving business needs.

Enterprise Learning



ECO (Educate, Collaborate, Optimize) is a customer success platform for the analytics industry, driving role advancement, solution and technical collaboration, and on-demand support through micro-services. The new platform aims to provide instant results to drive customer success around complex problems that traverse multiple technologies.

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Mobile Administration & User Enablement



Sense puts real time real time management of your environment and user behavior at your fingertips, in your pocket and on the go, anytime, anywhere. Transform data into actionable intelligence to drive optimization, user adoption and ultimately ROI. Identify and fix problems first, before they become critical issues that impact business teams. Leverage key integrations with Pandera’s iQ Management Suite and ECO to deliver targeted user training and community support.

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Sales Enablement & Performance Management

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Measure, Align, and Drive your sales organization through the use of prescriptive analytics and behavioral change. Empower leaders to strategically align their people around what is most important to the success of the organization and drive the underlying behaviors that create success. Doing so will have you outperforming and driving towards goals instead of reacting to the past.

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Restaurant Performance Management

RPM is a restaurant analytics framework comprised of three key modules: sales and profitability, labor, and food costs. Executives can better determine which products to promote and track the success of promotions, identify and mitigate loss/theft/waste, while tracking key metrics like sales per labor hour and average hourly rate by team member. Additionally, restaurants can identify inventory variances that can signal theft, manage inventories, forecast appropriate inventory levels for seasonal trends or promotions, and understand when rising costs should drive price changes.

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Health & Life Sciences



UrgentCare365 allows clinics and health providers to monitor patient throughput and activity using real-time touch-screens or motion sensor display. We can help increase physician performance and engagement by continual RVU or volume tracking and interactive social feeds and scheduling functionality. Through additional integration with wearable technology, UC365 can help reduce leakage and ensure a positive patient experience.

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Accountable Care Reporting

In an effort to manage the reporting needs of Accountable Care Organizations, our Accountable Care Reporting application allows providers and healthcare organizations to monitor, track and report on 33 recognized measures as an integrated part of their workflow. By bringing performance awareness of the four ACO categories to the forefront of the treatment plan, providers are able to improve the patient experience and care coordination, increase compliance of at-risk populations and introduce preventative care measures at the point-of-care.

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