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Perdue Farms: Creating a single source of truth and smart analytics for faster time to insights.

With Google Cloud, Perdue is increasing visibility across all business units and drastically improving reporting frequency from monthly to daily reporting providing a positive impact for business and operations.

“Previously we were only able to report month end values. Thanks to Google Cloud Platform and Pandera’s work, we can now report prior day which positively impacts our business and operations”
– Mike Boyer
VP of Information Technology

The challenge

Perdue’s Agribusiness is one of the nation’s most established agricultural companies and provides a wide variety of outstanding products and services. This diversity in product offerings and business units has introduced challenges in providing a unified view of spend activity and operations across all business units.

With no previous cloud implementation, Perdue relied on monthly reporting from disparate data sources which resulted in making more reactive decisions and hindered their ability to control costs effectively. 

The solution

In order to effectively manage costs and operations and increase visibility into their business unit activity, we proposed an infrastructure modernization and smart analytics approach for Perdue’s Agribusiness and procurement analytics needs. 

This included high-frequency integration from many ERP’s systems and various versions into a cloud data & analytics warehouse. The data and affiliated measurements had to be rationalized and standardized through integrated points along their data pipeline to handle complex business rules and diversity in system and business processes for a scalable data management solution for this and future needs. The data streams into a common analytical data model housed in BigQuery, where research, self-service and analytically prepared dashboards have high-performance access for many business and IT teams to increase collaboration and productivity in business processes.

The results

Through Google Cloud, Perdue was able to transform disparate data sources into a single version of the truth and drastically improve the delivery of insights into dynamic data stories. This transformation allows Perdue to gain daily vs monthly reporting empowering proactive decision making to manage costs and operations across their business units. Real-time smart analytics enabling commodity heading and strategic sourcing and spend intelligence across 14B in total spend.