Pandera to Attend Women in Analytics Conference ’21

Pandera is excited to announce that we will be attending the fifth annual Women in Analytics Conference on July 21st – 23rd in Columbus, OH. As one of the largest conferences of its kind, the Women In Analytics conference brings women’s voices into industry conversation and creates a platform for women data scientists from around the world. 

Our attending Pandera team members are looking forward to connecting with and learning from some of the most influential women in the Analytics space. Our goal is to not only make valuable connections but also help inspire our very own workforce of data-driven women.  

About Women in Analytics

Founded in 2016, WIA has grown to about 8000 community members and now has a membership platform and speakers’ bureau. The Women in Analytics conference is creating significant educational opportunities for men and women from around the world. Last year attendees flew in from different countries including Singapore, Australia, India and Poland.

Represented by our very own female leaders

We are elated for the opportunity to have one of our very own team members, Dhwani Rao, participate in this event as a WIA member and speaker’s dinner participant. The exclusive dinner will include some amazing leaders including Astronomy Pioneer Dr. Feryal Ozel, who was part of the team that captured the first image of a black hole ever taken by humans and is one of the speakers Ms. Rao is most looking forward to seeing at the conference.

During an interview we had with Ms. Rao regarding this prestigious invite, she stated:

“I’m most excited to hear from the power-house of women on the main panel discuss the topic of ‘The Analytics Lifecycle: From Start to Iteration’.”

The panelists featured are Salema Rice, Janette Vinciguerra, Tara Paider, and Rehgan Avon. She also stated:

“One of the tracks in the conference is dedicated to sessions on ‘industry use-cases’. This will be very valuable for me as we continue to expand our network and analytics solutions across various industries.”

The speakers of this track are Sabitha Darsi, Yi Cheng, Abigail Baldridge, Leigh Alexander, and Dee Pai.

We welcome you to join us at the WIA Conference ‘21

Interested in attending? We encourage you to register soon as the Women in Analytics Conference is only a couple of weeks away. If you can’t make it, but would like to join in on the conversation about the importance of women in the tech and analytics industry with other leaders we would love to invite you to join us for an exclusive Virtual Wine Tasting experience held on Aug 26th. 

During this exclusive event, you can sip back, enjoy your wine (which will be delivered straight to your door) and discuss your thoughts on the current analytics landscape and possibly share some insight into what initiatives you may be prioritizing to be more data-driven in your analytics efforts.

To request an invite to join our Virtual Wine Tasting Experience for Women In Analytics you can contact Dhwani Rao at [email protected]

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