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Pandera Systems Honored to Receive MicroStrategy Partner of the Year

Pandera Systems, an Industry leader in advanced data sciences and innovative insight delivery solutions, was honored to receive MicroStrategy’s highest annual award, Partner of the Year, at last week’s MicroStrategy 2019 World Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Pandera was selected from a very strong field of other digital transformation leaders such as Deloitte and Cognizant by providing unparalleled business value through their rapid speed of innovative solution design and flawless execution. Pandera’s thought leadership was on full display at this years MicroStrategy World conference, which was brought to life in their booth with 6 interactive demonstrations of the core components of their  “Transformation Suite” – an interactive visual representation of their methodology that drives clients and partners alike towards their ultimate goal of transforming the way their people work.

Pandera understands and presented at MicroStrategy World 2019 that a true transformation of how people work will require proficiency and advanced capabilities in 6 compounding technologies and methodologies; such as, modern streaming architectures, Self Service BI, UI/UX design, Machine learning, performance management, and ongoing education. With a clear plan and relentless pursuit of process optimization, Pandera integrates these essential building blocks in a harmonious ecosystem to compound the effects of each respectively.

“These concepts all weave together as an integrated set of enabling technologies and business features that are focused on positive outcomes and a culture ready to rethink and redesign our work” – Joshua Sutton, CEO

MicroStrategy World

With a strong understanding of analytic and innovative technology concepts to leverage, their solution architects put a strong emphasis on work process redesign with the goal of extending human capability through technology.

Pandera has found their niche as a premium solution and services provider by successfully conceptualizing and implementing solutions large and small across industry, technology, and pain point. Whilst out of the box solutions have sounded great for many of their current clients in prior engagements, the true power of Pandera lies in their candid delivery and pushback on gimmicks across the industry that many organizations have fell victim to. Pandera understands and boasts the fact that the road to transformation is not achieved by gimmicks but rather by hard work, evolving and impacting the core activities within a business that drive revenue.


Pandera is excited to bring this momentum into 2019 with a robust programming calendar that encompasses not only the top analytic conferences across the world but also their hands on educational courses and community engagement initiatives. To learn more please visit


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