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Pandera Systems Expands West

Orlando FL – Pandera Systems, a global provider of information delivery solutions and analytics innovation consulting company, has announced its West Coast expansion to the Western United States. The expansion will be led by Director of West Coast Sales and Business Development, Mike Morrow, located in Seattle, WA. Beyond his 30+ years of experience in software and service sales, Mike has extensive experience working with and alongside executives from top companies in the Western 13 United States. Mike’s expertise and network paired with Pandera’s innovative mindset, breadth of expertise, and rapid growth creates a perfect storm of opportunity out West.

 “Pandera is the partner all of my connections have been looking for to reach their tech goals. Not only can we deliver in a financially feasible and rational way, but we can manage innovation on these business leader’s behalf which in turn, allows them keep focus on their core business issues.”

Pandera Systems is pleased to have delivered so many successful projects in Eastern US and Europe alike that speak to our broad experience capabilities. Hundreds of successful projects spanning across all industries and complex issues such as cloud migrations, data lake architecture, and IoT connectivity drove Pandera to make the decision to head West.

“We are at a special place here at Pandera Systems” says CEO, Joshua Sutton. “We are the best in the business at the analytic technologies that we use each and every day for and with our clients, but we also think about balance in innovation, and that has been very well-received in the market.”

Pandera’s commitment to driving technology advancement parallels with lifting the skillset of people within an organization. This approach creates an ecosystem of constant advancement and innovation that remains far after Pandera projects are completed. This holistic approach has proven itself in the East Coast and Europe, and now Pandera Systems is excited to prove to the West Coast that Success is Predictable.

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