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Pandera Launches Global Programs to inspire, engage, and educate.

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Pandera Systems, the leading pioneer in a new generation of business-oriented information solutions, announced today it will be providing an extensive series of hands-on programming to be available across the globe. Pandera has created 3 unique program focus areas that are each designed to bring value to organizations, while also inspiring, engaging, and educating the masses.

Pandera’s strategy starts at the ground-level through the facilitation of community events that aim to bring individuals and tech communities together. These events, such as TAB, are architected for the main purpose of inspiring innovation by all means possible. Due to overwhelming requests, TAB is currently expanding into select cities across the globe. But beyond inspiring tech communities, Pandera will also be providing this platform for their network to leverage and engage with other industry leaders across the world. This is a vital piece of collaboration that our communities need in order to share and create ideas that aim to revolutionize business across all industry.

While the events currently scheduled to inspire and engage technical communities at scale are impressive, Pandera is truly disrupting with the way they are going about educating their communities further. Through their “Transformation Series”  Pandera aims to guide audiences through the digital transformation journey by creating clarity out of chaos. They’ve developed tech agnostic courses like “Byte to Beautiful” and “Beautiful to Smart” that take attendees through the process – from beginning to end – of bringing structure to data, presenting said data in a contextual and valuable ways, and how to enrich those datasets with artificial intelligence and machine learning models. By recognizing the ever-evolving landscape of available toolkits and technologies, Pandera has gone the extra mile to ensure that they aren’t solely highlighting a single technology. This series of courses will showcase how to replicate this process across multiple technologies popular today in most enterprise ecosystems.

Pandera’s global expansion of their community program, TAB, now coupled with this announcement of a robust schedule of educational programs, has further positioned them as leaders in evolving the standards of how to build an eco-system of continuous innovation in the enterprise. If you would like to learn more about these initiatives, please visit Pandera’s event page found here. They look forward to having you join them as they attempt to drive a force fully committed to evolving the way: communities are inspired, leaders are engaged, and ultimately, the way people work.

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