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Pandera Introduces Agile Analytics, Taking the Agile Methodology to Whole New Levels

Over 60% of companies have become Agile, a method that was once used primarily for software development processes, but is now being used across the board, in areas such as marketing or human resources. With significant investments being made into adopting the Agile methodology, the big question is how do we know how those investments are really impacting the business?

Pandera is transforming the way companies use Agile by combining key executive goals, the Agile mindset, and analytics to drive change within the most important investment of a company: its people. This transformation of combining analytics with traditional Agile services will drive measurable change within a company’s human capital to drive realtime team productivity, velocity, quality and a team’s self-managing maturity. This method connects analytics with team performance in an Agile environment to truly drive the key measures of an enterprise.

What are the outcomes?

Pandera has created a performance management tool that evaluates all your teams on the same scale even with different teams having different measures of success. By using key agile metrics to track teams, you will be able to have real-time data to better engage and enable teams. Because Agile is a human activity method that generates meaningful analytics, we’ve found that these measurements can converge with the world of business analytics. This human factor and relative activities are the single most relevant leading indicators advancing retrospective based analytics. Pandera is helping business teams take a much broader stance by using analytical toolsets and by identifying gaps in thenAgile process across all teams or departments to get outcomes like the ones below:

  • Create visibility for leaders and teams.
  • Identify training and coaching opportunities.
  • Drive performance to enable self-managing teams.
  • Align strategically to organizations goals.
  • Recognize and reward teams.
  • Gain tangible results from your investment in Agile.

If you’d like to see how analytics could be used to evolve your team’s Agile processes, we’d love to schedule a personal demo for you!



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