Pandera awarded Google Cloud Machine Learning Specialization

Tommy Bliven
Director of Marketing

TAMPA, FL. – November 2nd, 2020Pandera, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, has been awarded the Google Cloud Machine Learning Specialization. This achievement recognizes Pandera’s expertise and technical proficiency in leveraging the Google Cloud Platform to deliver advanced Machine Learning solutions. Pandera uses the Google Cloud Platform to solve customers’ complex challenges and achieve agile, secure, outcome-driven smart analytics solutions. Pandera has also previously earned specializations in Cloud Infrastructure and Data Analytics


This level of accreditation solidifies our team’s expertise in a challenging field and is a testament to the excellence of every Machine Learning practitioner at Pandera. Their innovative solutioning, deep-rooted knowledge of Google Cloud, and continued desire to learn enables Pandera to provide grade A service to our customers and also keep pace with the rapidly evolving set of Google Cloud AI products and features.


As one of the handful of Google Cloud partners with an ML Specialization badge, we look forward to continuing to solve our clients’ most pressing challenges and empower their teams to adopt Machine Learning solutions on Google Cloud.

Brian O’Connor – Director of Data Science


This announcement expands upon Pandera’s status as a leading provider of data science focused solutions and accelerators. Pandera has met the increase in market demand for smart analytics by architecting end-to-end solutions leveraging the core capabilities of Google Cloud and their extensive experience in delivering AI/ML driven solutions for all major industries.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence continue to be massive disruptors across all industries and business functions. Being able to integrate predictive, prescriptive and causal insights into enterprise reporting and enterprise applications is elevating the ability to truly be a data driven decision company. 


Machine Learning enables Smart Analytics at scale and provides organizations with the ability to implement smart metrics, smart signals and smart actions. Google Cloud provides all of the components to make Smart Analytics possible.

Kevin Curley – CEO

By 2024, more than 45% of IT spending on system infrastructure, infrastructure software, application software and business process outsourcing will shift from traditional solutions to cloud. This includes the investment in scalable machine learning systems which Pandera has helped clients such as Designer Brands Inc. implement and successfully deploy.


“Very knowledgeable staff, strong technical resources. Their staff truly knows the Google Cloud Platform unlike other firms we interacted with previously.”

Michael Shebetich – Dir. Data Engineering & Analytics at Designer Brands Inc.


With the continued commitment to providing high-value outcome-driven solutions for their clients, Pandera is focused on the continuous development of solutions and accelerators that allow organizations to maximize the benefits of their cloud infrastructure and deploying advanced machine learning applications.


“Externally, we’re continuing to collaborate with our clients on how to best implement and commercialize more machine learning capabilities into their decision support systems and applications. Internally we are continuing  to invest in building Machine Learning accelerators that can be customized for different industries across different workloads.”

Kevin Curley – CEO


About Pandera

Pandera delivers advanced solutions in cloud, business intelligence, data science, advanced analytics, application development, and data engineering. Headquartered in Tampa, FL, the company solves critical, complex challenges for customers across North America and Europe and holds specialized certifications in their technologies. For more information about Pandera and our offerings please contact us at [email protected]

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