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Outgrowing Excel: Learning MicroStrategy with ECO

This month, ECO is doing a video series titled Outgrowing Excel, helping former Excel users get up to speed with tasks they are accustomed to in Excel.

If you’ve been feeling limited by Excel, and have been hearing about some of the other great business intelligence tools that are out there that offer better performance, reusability, greater access to data, and better visualizations, but have not figured out how to mimic some of the things you are used to in Excel, this is the series for you.

Using free MicroStrategy software, you can transition into away from Excel, and experience powerful capabilities that put you in control of your data.


Each video in the Outgrowing Excel series builds on skills learned in the previous video, covering topics like basic formulas, conditional formatting, vlookups, pivoting, updating data, and much more.

To see the rest of the videos and get access to other content in ECO sign up for a free early adopter account, and help shape Pandera’s mission of helping others at scale.


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