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Pandera Systems joins the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Premier Partner

TAMPA, FL. – February 13th, 2020 – Pandera, a leader in cloud transformation and advanced analytics solutions, is excited to announce they have joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Premier Partner. This achievement recognizes Pandera’s expertise and technical proficiency in leveraging Google Cloud Platform (GCP), to deliver advanced cloud solutions. Pandera uses GCP to solve customers’ complex challenges and achieve agile, secure, outcome-driven cloud transformations.

“This announcement is the culmination of a year of hard work by our team. It demonstrates the depth of experience we bring to the table. We appreciate Google Cloud’s thoroughness in the review process and think it’s a testament to the maturity of the platform and the partner ecosystem.” CTO – Erik Willsey

Premier status solidifies Pandera’s status as a market leader, offering solutions integrated with Google Cloud and accelerators enabling optimal cloud transformation for organizations across the globe.

To achieve their Premier Partner distinction, Pandera ramped the number of certified GCP architects & data engineers on-staff, delivered innovative solutions leading to customer success, and earned Specializations in both Infrastructure and Data Analytics.

Premier distinction and Specializations in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program are designed to provide Google Cloud customers with qualified partners that have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven success in specialized solution and service areas.

“We are all extremely proud to have earned the prestigious Premier Partner status with Google Cloud. Google Cloud is core to all of our strategic initiatives, and we believe that it will continue to be a leading innovator in every aspect of cloud computing. Over the last two years, we’ve collaborated with the Google Cloud team to deliver incredible customer solutions that were only possible on GCP, and we’re even more excited about what will be possible this year.”  CEO – Kevin Curley

Pandera delivers advanced solutions in cloud, business intelligence, data science, advanced analytics, application development, and data engineering. Headquartered in Tampa, FL, the company solves critical, complex challenges for customers across North America and Europe and holds specialized certifications in their technologies. For more information about Pandera and our specializations please contact us at

Pandera to attend MicroStrategy World ‘20 and showcase AI-Driven Marketing intelligence capabilities in the Cloud

Pandera, the market leader in enterprise business intelligence and advanced data sciences, is excited to announce that we will be sponsoring and presenting some of our latest cloud-driven marketing intelligence solutions at MicroStrategy World 2020. Taking place from February 4th to February 6th in beautiful Orlando, FL, the home our very own Pandera Innovation Center. 

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner and a previous MicroStrategy Partner of the Year, Pandera provides the expertise and cross-industry experience to help organizations achieve their Business Intelligence and Cloud Transformation initiatives.

“With the explosion of Smart Analytic capabilities on the Google Cloud Platform, MicroStrategy customers can quickly bring ML & AI capabilities to bear when tackling marketing use cases.  Pandera, as a premier GCP and MSTR partner, is uniquely situated to accelerate adoption and deployment of ML & AI solutions atop both platforms.”

Erik Willsey
CTO | Pandera

If you would like to learn more about our marketing intelligence solutions or cloud transformation services, feel free to stop by and talk to us at booth #102. If you can’t make it the conference then we can bring the presentation to you. Our solution experts would love to hear from you and feel free to contact us at

Domtar: Taking their data-driven initiatives to the cloud

With Google Cloud Platform, Domtar has transformed its Business Intelligence environment and increased the adoption of their data-driven initiatives globally.

Historians say we are in the Scientific Revolution. Cloud Transformation is analogous to moving from the Agricultural to the Scientific Revolution. We have gotten smarter and don’t have to plow the fields by hand anymore as we have machines.”
– Alisha Thompson
Sr. Director, Global Digital COE and BI

The challenge

As the largest integrated producer of uncoated free-sheet paper in North America and the second-largest in the world, Domtar as a data-driven organization has realized a drastic increase in data storage and consumption needs.

To support the storage and management of their sales, customer, and product data as well as hosting of their Business Intelligence environments they required more scalability modernized infrastructure and architecture to accommodate current and future needs for all their business units across the globe. 

The solution

To support their data-driven initiatives and provide Domtar with the scalability and ease of management they require we defined an environment transformation plan that included moving their existing Business Intelligence applications to Google Cloud. 

To support the user adoption of their now modernized architecture Business Intelligence environments we provided enhanced analytical insights into app utilization, environmental health, and more to help track and maintain optimal performance of their now modernized environment. Domtar was able to not only ‘lift & shift’ their compute workloads, but the transition also improved their entire stack through immediately improving costs by understanding optimal use patterns, and through demand-based scale for their business applications used worldwide.

The results

The modernization efforts contributed to increased performance of 300% and adoption of their Business Intelligence and analytics applications throughout the organization resulting in over 200%.

These improvements are now helping Domtar’s Global Business Intelligence adoption efforts and growing valuable business insights across the enterprise and improve productivity and collaboration.

Lift and Shift of PWC’s Microstrategy environment from AWS to Google Cloud at lightning speed for lightening speeds

To reduce the cost and maintenance overhead of PWC’s Business Intelligence environment,  Pandera successfully completed a Lift and Shift from AWS to Google Cloud.

“We have been using Google Cloud for just over a year now without issue or failure.  I mean zero issues. The financial side of the equation is awesome as well. We reduced operational costs by 60% thanks to Pandera and their elite team of engineers. I’d highly recommend Google Cloud to anyone as it’s flexible, extensible, and free of issues.”

– Justin Thewlis
Head of Data Intelligence

The challenge

PWC’s current static infrastructure utilizing AWS presented  issues such as high hosting and upgrade process costs. In addition, the maintenance of their current infrastructure and legacy systems required a very labor intensive managed services effort.

The solution

A Lift and Shift of PWC’s Microstrategy environment on AWS to Google Cloud to provide them a more secure and stable environment while also delivering exponential savings in hosting and maintenance costs. GCP enabled transition focused services to rapidly shift to modern infrastructure to activate performance around dynamic loads and smart apps engineering and smart analytics for the business across the country. Speed was a driver but sophisticated continuous release management and integrated testing was a key component of the modernization effort to innovate faster.

The results

The Lift and Shift from AWS to Google Cloud resulted in a flexible on-demand infrastructure with reduced cost, 24/7 cloud and infrastructure support, upgrade on demand, and a feeling of ownership of their environment which they didn’t previously have.

In addition, the new infrastructure enabled scheduled Microstrategy platform upgrades with predictable downtime and testing; Always keeping them up to date with new releases. 

Perdue Farms: Creating a single source of truth and smart analytics for faster time to insights.

With Google Cloud, Perdue is increasing visibility across all business units and drastically improving reporting frequency from monthly to daily reporting providing a positive impact for business and operations.

“Previously we were only able to report month end values. Thanks to Google Cloud Platform and Pandera’s work, we can now report prior day which positively impacts our business and operations”
– Mike Boyer
VP of Information Technology

The challenge

Perdue’s Agribusiness is one of the nation’s most established agricultural companies and provides a wide variety of outstanding products and services. This diversity in product offerings and business units has introduced challenges in providing a unified view of spend activity and operations across all business units.

With no previous cloud implementation, Perdue relied on monthly reporting from disparate data sources which resulted in making more reactive decisions and hindered their ability to control costs effectively. 

The solution

In order to effectively manage costs and operations and increase visibility into their business unit activity, we proposed an infrastructure modernization and smart analytics approach for Perdue’s Agribusiness and procurement analytics needs. 

This included high-frequency integration from many ERP’s systems and various versions into a cloud data & analytics warehouse. The data and affiliated measurements had to be rationalized and standardized through integrated points along their data pipeline to handle complex business rules and diversity in system and business processes for a scalable data management solution for this and future needs. The data streams into a common analytical data model housed in BigQuery, where research, self-service and analytically prepared dashboards have high-performance access for many business and IT teams to increase collaboration and productivity in business processes.

The results

Through Google Cloud, Perdue was able to transform disparate data sources into a single version of the truth and drastically improve the delivery of insights into dynamic data stories. This transformation allows Perdue to gain daily vs monthly reporting empowering proactive decision making to manage costs and operations across their business units. Real-time smart analytics enabling commodity heading and strategic sourcing and spend intelligence across 14B in total spend.

Solution: End-to-end Machine Learning pipeline that analyzes, categorizes, and alerts compliance officers about digital behavior and social media made by professional & collegiate athletes.

With Google Cloud, customer is innovating in the industry by building new solutions that address critical issues impacting athletes on social media.

“We are very happy about what Pandera built with us and I make it a point to highlight that with every opportunity I can as we meet strategic partners and customers”
– Anonymous
VP of Information Technology

The challenge

College athletic departments struggle to oversee all their student athletes’ behavior online. Behavior which has proven to be detrimental to the school brand or student body and the health and safety of the institution.

The solution

Customer sport developed a platform for coaches and teams to support their students and athletes in the 21st century. Customer has been implementing technology to support all of the NCAA, NBA, 11,000 high schools, and 9 countries.

Customer added to this suite of tools for coaches the ability to measure and coach on behavior risk, depression, aggressive behavior by ingesting petabytes of data via a Modern Infrastructure comprised of data pipeline, complex AI leveraging GCP AI features, to activate Smart Analytics that ultimately cast information signals to support teams to  guide and prevent issues.

The results

NCAA divisions are able to use the platform to coach in on the court and better able to coach off the court. The technology is able to do what thousands of compliance team members cannot do at scale and consistently.

Pandera is a proud sponsor of the upcoming Chief Data & Analytics Officers Fall Conference

Join Pandera on November 18th – 20th at the Chief Data & Analytics Officers Fall Conference in Boston, MA. CDAO is the largest gathering of executive-level Data & Analytics leaders on the east coast!

Pandera is looking forward to joining other analytics leaders at CDAO where the focus will be on transforming data-awareness into an insight-obsession. Become a driving force for decisions made across the company, including customer, operations, processes, and beyond. Break expectations by building a partnership with customers internal and external for greater, more focused insights. Breakthrough the hype of the latest technology to build an implementation plan focused on business needs and ability.


Join Pandera at Google Cloud OnBoard

We invite you to join Pandera at Google Cloud OnBoard on Nov. 4th in Washington D.C. and on Nov. 14th in Orlando, FL. Cloud OnBoard is a free, instructor-led training event, that gives you a headstart on your journey to developing on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Through a combination of presentations and technical demos, you’ll learn all about virtual machines, containers, applications, big data, and machine learning. What you choose to build next, is up to you! (more…)

Join Pandera in Nashville, TN at Google Cloud Onboard

Join Pandera on September 19th at Google Cloud OnBoard in Nashville, TN. Cloud OnBoard is a free, instructor-led training event, that gives you a headstart on your journey to developing on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Through a combination of presentations and technical demos, you’ll learn all about virtual machines, containers, applications, big data, and machine learning. What you choose to build next, is up to you! (more…)

Driving Transformation through the Cloud

Pandera will be hosting a lineup of executive events and roadshows across the country in the upcoming months that will provide attendees the exclusive opportunity to gain valuable insight into how industry-leading organizations are utilizing cloud-enabled technologies to gain a competitive advantage and drive a positive ROI.