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Can You Monitor and Predict Issues in Your BI Environment Before They Happen?

All too often, companies invest in extensive BI programs and initiatives, only to find repeated unresolved core issues and lack of user adoption and engagement. As their systems and environment grows, administration and maintenance demand goes up exponentially. New tools are added which drives up complexities and adds to the noise of managing a multi-channel reporting environment. How can you find a way to accurately measure all of your tools and users to get a true health check on your environment? How can you cut through the noise to proactively maintain your analytics ecosystem?


Welcome to Sense

Sense was created to proactively monitor and help manage multi–channel reporting assets that impact your business so that your IT teams can predict and solve problems BEFORE your users encounter them. Sense acts as your personal interpreter, converting infinite data and inputs into meaningful information, across all of your systems and tools. This visibility enables directors and admins with the problem-solving tools they need to close these feedback loops and empower their systems and people. Sense changes the game of BI Monitoring and Management across 5 key components typically lacking in today’s health management tools. If you’re ready to take the next step in true proactive ecosystem management, click the link below to see how Sense can take you there.

Learn more about how Sense can help you monitor and predict issues in your BI environment BEFORE they occur.



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