Modernizing Business Intelligence in 2022

Modernizing Business Intelligence in 2022

Business Intelligence (BI) is helping organizations maneuver marketplace disruptions while at the same time strengthening their business models now and in the future. What’s more– organizations modernizing business intelligence in 2022 pave the way for data to be used by all business users, not just some.

Modern BI tools and solutions open up a world of opportunities for organizations, empowering them to unearth new insights, efficiencies, and innovations, and become more proactive in day-to-day business.

The business intelligence market is booming and will continue to do so as the hunger for more information grows. The key to modernizing business intelligence in 2022 is more than just enabling one solution or tool. Instead, organizations need to realize that modern business intelligence means keeping up with industry trends with a combination of future-proofing architectures, investing in modern technologies, and leveraging the cloud.

Modernizing Business Intelligence for the Future

“Future-proof” is a term that business leaders may be familiar with, but in terms of BI in 2022, it is a necessity. When it comes to modernizing BI in 2022, leveraging the scalability of a modern data platform helps organizations to quickly react to changing business requirements. Additionally, modernizing business intelligence for the future means organizations don’t have to be “modernized” all over again in a few years. 

With many legacy BI architectures, organizations must still physically move data to their BI platforms. A modernized BI platform leverages the compute engines where the data is stored. Siloed data across an organization is detrimental and can lead to poor quality data and wasteful investments. 

BI platforms such as Looker help you develop a strategy to modernize BI and put data at the center of your business transformation.

Artificial Intelligence

Modernizing business intelligence in 2022 means embracing artificial intelligence (AI) infused with the BI platform. Traditional BI systems can no longer keep up with modern technology solutions that provide the capabilities of artificial intelligence. This is in part due to legacy BI tools requiring technical IT staff with specialized technical skills. With the key for many organizations boiling down to fast-paced environments and decisions, the challenges that old-school BI platforms face grow larger as technology develops.

Platforms with built-in AI can open up an entirely new world of insights that take a fraction of the usual time to find and empower anyone to make predictions. These capabilities will not only reduce the stress on employees; they will also quicken the data analysis process while making it more efficient and error-free.

The benefits of AI on a modernized BI platform aren’t just about improving the workflows of data scientists. As technology grows and the democratization of data within an organization is prioritized through a unified modern BI platform, every employee will be able to take advantage of insights and automation through AI.

The Cloud

Many modern business intelligence platforms leverage the cloud in some way. By combining a modern BI platform with a cloud data platform such as Google Cloud, the possibilities of an organization’s data is endless. 

After all, collecting data means nothing without activation. And with so much data being collected in today’s market, the cloud helps to enable self-service discovery of all the data a business is collecting.

With legacy BI models, organizations only had expensive options to add more storage. Modern business intelligence in 2022 sees the need for a more scalable and flexible option, which is why integration with a cloud data platform is so vital. What’s even more important is that data is accessible to everyone in the organization. With an integrated analytics solution in the cloud, everyone is enabled to make better data-driven decisions. 

Simply put, utilizing the cloud with a strategic BI analytics approach can help yield more efficiency and agility.

What Modernizing Business Intelligence in 2022 Can Do For You

To be truly data-driven, organizations need to be able to act on and convert the opportunities presented by their data. Modernizing their BI solution plays a major role in doing so. If a company cannot investigate, analyze, and identify problems and opportunities quickly, that data is essentially wasted information. Nice-looking dashboards are important, but business intelligence solutions feature much more capabilities than ever before.

As a result of modernizing business intelligence in 2022, organizations can begin to understand additional initiatives that digital transformation might represent from an analytics perspective. 

Organizations can begin the transformation journey by future-proofing architectures, investing in modern technologies such as AI, and leveraging cloud capabilities. While easier said than done, outlining a clear strategy and executing that strategy doesn’t come without help.

Pandera has the industry expertise to help organizations truly modernize their business intelligence for 2022 and beyond. Combined with our partnership with Looker, Pandera is a Google Cloud Premier Partner, proving we have the experience and knowledge to provide cloud solutions tailored to each organization. 

Please contact us today to learn more about modernizing your business intelligence and enabling informed, data-driven decisions across the entire organization.

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