MicroStrategy and Pandera

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At Pandera, we offer MicroStrategy integration and implementation services to ensure effective decision making through the transformation of data into powerful dashboards, self-service, dossiers, and analytics suites.

As a preferred MicroStrategy partner, we implement solutions that are backed by technology know-how, many years of industry experience, and best practices.

Development Services.

Not looking for full blown application design, but more troubleshooting or simple development needs? Our team can work as part of your existing development team/process or as a self sufficient resource, maintaining the highest quality of work and communication throughout the project.

Custom Integration.

Integrate the power of analytics produced by MicroStrategy into your external applications, simplifying the development process while increasing the capabilities of your tools.

Application Design.

Using the powerful visualization layer provided by MicroStrategy, along with the unrivaled expertise of our UX designers and analytics consultants, we produce best in class applications directly in the MicroStrategy Platform, reducing dependencies on multiple teams and time to develop.

Platform Management.

Choose from a spectrum of services for maintaining and continuously improving your most critical business applications—including development, administration and infrastructure support.


Infrastructure Modernization.

Transform your
business intelligence
through the cloud.

Modernize your business intelligence environments through a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure. Whether you’re just starting your journey to the cloud or are re-architecting for cost optimization, scalability, or integration capabilities, we have the capabilities to build a better infrastructure for your organization.

Insights for your most critical business needs.

Executive Insights.

Enable your c-level to gain a bird’s-eye view of the organization and identify strengths and weaknesses in real time, freeing them from the traditional bottleneck of manual reporting.

Human Resources.

Unlock the power of data across all your HR systems and tools and get complete visibility into critical metrics across the employee experience, from recruitment to promotion.

Marketing Insights.

Improve campaign performance, measure multi-channel marketing efforts, track engagement on social platforms, and more. Optimize impact across the marketing funnel—from lead generation to loyalty.

Customer Services.

Get a deeper understanding of your team’s efficiency and effectiveness with dashboards and insights for your customer service teams.

Operations and Logistics.

Accelerate decision-making for your logistics and operations. Get insights into the most vital operational performance indicators by capturing and delivering relevant operational information.

Financial Insights.

Financial managers can spend less time collecting financial and operational data, and more time modeling scenarios and forecasting results.


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