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Managed Cloud Computing: 3 Reasons to Make the Move


One of the main reasons organizations are moving to the Cloud is for the ability to grow their environments seamlessly without working with multiple vendors to acquire expensive licensing and equipment. Transitioning to the Cloud eliminates the need of large upfront costs such as Rackspace in data centers, or replacing failing or old infrastructure equipment, along with licensing costs, etc. Moving to the Cloud eliminates the need for in-house engineers and allows your organization to shift focus away from your infrastructure and networking, and focus more on primary business goals.


As your organization grows, it is important for employees to have easy access to applications, servers and files from anywhere, at any time. Managed Clouds provide seamless and secure access to clients and their environments. Networking teams customize Cloud solutions to each organization’s unique requirements, so whether there is a need for an entire team to be set up with a VPN tunnel to your infrastructure, or a single roaming user with VPN client access, it can be done quickly and securely.


Every managed server should have 24/7 monitoring, and should be diligent about identifying issues or concerns before you are even aware of them, notifying you, and resolve the issues as quickly as possible. Engineers will work with clients to ensure redundancy is in place for critical servers and files. Your data assets are valuable, and your organization cannot afford to lose data, so backup plans are created per your needs and data restores are tested to ensure quality. Expensive licensing for backup software and hardware is eliminated, as it is covered by the monthly fees of a Cloud Management service subscription.


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