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Showcasing our Cloud and Analytics Modernization Solutions at MicroStrategy World 2021


Orlando, FL – February 1, 2021 – We are excited to announce that Pandera will be sponsoring this year’s MicroStrategy World 2021 conference. As a previous MicroStrategy World Partner of the Year, we are looking forward to engage with all of the organizations and attendees participating in this year’s virtual format showcasing our cloud and analytics modernization solutions. 

With the pandemic accelerating digital transformation initiatives across all industries, our Cloud, Analytics, and Data Science teams have focused on developing solutions that help accelerate these modernization efforts. The demand for scalable and agile data infrastructure in order to enable the activation of AI/ML driven insights has now become a critical priority in order to gain a competitive advantage. 

At this year’s MicroStrategy World 2021 conference we will be promoting various solutions and services that can help organizations accelerate their modernization efforts such as: 


Cloud Modernization

We help your organization navigate through your cloud journey by offering a comprehensive suite of Cloud Services. We can guide you through the process up front to help you plan, migrate, build, and optimize the best cloud, hybrid-cloud, or multi-cloud environment to meet the unique needs of your organization.


Smart Analytics

The foundation of where modern data technologies, predictive and prescriptive insights, and actionable intelligence converge is where true Smart Analytics becomes a reality.  Powered by advanced cloud capabilities, we equip organizations with the scalability, speed, and innovation required to become a truly data-driven organization.


Cloud Managed Services

More cost efficient than in-house management, our multi-tiered Cloud Managed Services options provide our clients with the expert level advisory, management, and support they need to maximize the full potential of their cloud infrastructure. 


If you are interested in learning more about our MicroStrategy Services and our Data and Analytics modernization offerings, please feel free to schedule some time with our solutions team. 

You can schedule a time to meet with our solution experts here, we look forward to hearing from you.

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