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Is Your BI Platform Future Proof?

The business intelligence landscape has been changing rapidly over the past six months, and the speed of innovation that we’ve been seeing in the space has been nothing short of staggering. Join us in Orlando, July 24, for the MicroStrategy Symposium event to take a look at some of the game changers that are redefining what’s possible.


Augmented Intelligence Meets Self-Service

Augmented Intelligence is the new BI, as it becomes your analytics advisor, leveraging MicroStrategy to make it smarter, faster, with intelligence learning loops.

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Analytics for Augmented Reality

Instant wisdom at a point of interest for your customers and your business. Provides relevant information that follows people throughout workflows.

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Data Governance Tools

Pandera’s Decision-Ready Standard platform takes provides a robust process for report certification without limiting ability to create self-service reports.

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Performance & Adoption

Sense provides knowledge at a glance of your environment’s status, user behavior patterns, and more, so you’ll always know if your BI platform is working for your company.

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Sales Performance Management

REV creates focus for business leaders to measure and drive sales and performance, and drives teams to objectives with balanced scorecards for all employees.

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A Single Version of the Truth

Communicate data with a more compelling story by seamlessly combining multiple platforms, tools, and data sources into one comprehensive analytical tool.

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Educate, Collaborate, Optimize

ECO is an enterprise community builder that brings technical micro-assistance, experiential learning, and mentorship to increase analytical skills across technical platforms.

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CPM Lite

Give the whole team a contextual understanding within MicroStrategy reports with a meaningful history of how similar problems and issues have been solved in the past.

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Matthew is the Chief Data Officer and champion of controlled self-service business intelligence environments, supporting people in creating, maintaining and utilizing a self-service environment while upholding security infrastructures.