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Is Cloud History Doomed to Repeat Itself?

They say history repeats itself. As a case in point, data center consolidations eventually stifle innovation and push for a rebadge of innovators. It has taken a long time to undo these efforts, so don’t make the same mistake. Transparency into all your of your different systems as they interact with the cloud is essential to constantly innovate. Unfortunately, not all cloud providers are created equal nor have good intentions. Keep these few things in mind:


Maintaining a careful balance between cloud-based capabilities and open-source is critical.


Think about the cloud company you are considering. It may cost you far more than you saved if their intentions are not to do whats best for your specific needs.


Not all cloud providers highlight environment metrics across all of your applications in real time. These become key when identifying opportunities for platform and business improvement.

Proactive Management

Can the provider identify environment impacting events before a user impact?


Does your provider boast close to 100% uptime? Time is money, offline systems can drastically diminish your bottom line.

User Adoption

Can you easily engage with usage metrics to ensure adoption organization-wide while identifying areas for continuous improvement?


Do you have full confidence in the provider’s security protocol? if not, how do you expect your customers too?

Choose a partner who isn’t compensated by your provider choice and has a perspective backed by rationale specific to your business. To learn more about how we design scalable and reliable cloud-based infrastructure click here.

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