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How We Helped an Urgent Care Succeed in 4 Steps

Learn how our healthcare application, Resultz™, helped an Urgent Care center with better operational effectiveness and higher patient satisfaction. “This is truly innovative and one step ahead. The color coding makes it simple and informative enough to allow for immediate corrective action.” – Dr. Piper Moore, Center Manager at MEDcare Urgent Care.

1.  Created a more positive patient experience
By implementing real-time monitoring of exit surveys, we facilitated an Urgent Care center in tracking patient satisfaction with their physician, length of the visit, level of customer service they received, and how likely they are to recommend the center. With this information the clinic is continually able to evaluate areas of improvement and implement necessary changes to exceed patient expectations beyond the medical norm.

2.  Promoted team collaboration and communication
Our application promoted a collaborative learning environment for physicians to engage in peer learning, sharing valuable insights and helping each team member excel. Individuals are able to establish best practices and transform their personal weaknesses into strengths. The Urgent Care center was able to implement a reward system to recognize employees that exceed expectations.

3.  Streamlined scheduling process
We created a simplified scheduling system for shift schedules for physicians to balance their personal and work life. Medical Officers are able to monitor the number of hours that team members are scheduled and unnecessary overtime.

4.  Tracked success
The bottom line – through identifying and understanding best key performance indicators, they now know how to utilize and apply them effectively. By evaluating personal and peer performance and understanding strengths and weaknesses, physicians and clinic operators were able to focus on areas of improvement, establish best practices, thus improving patient outcomes and satisfaction, as well as overall operations of the Urgent Care Center.

Learn more about Resultz™ at and how it elevated performance of employees, physicians, and patient satisfaction increased.