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3 Implementation Approaches that get you to the cloud

Whether you are an organization that is matured in their data initiatives or one just starting out, deciding to go to the cloud has many benefits at each scale. For the organizations further along on their journey a simple “Lift and Shift” may be appropriate where for those more infantile a full analytic overhaul makes sense. Regardless, when deciding to go to the cloud there are three unique implementation approaches that should be considered when undergoing such an endeavor. 

Lift and Shift


Considered the fastest and safest way to get to the cloud, a lift and shift is simply a shift from an existing data warehouse up to a new cloud. This strategy is utilized for many organizations to quickly take advantage of the benefits cloud has to offer without much data architecture manipulation to be done. This is only possible, however, if the new cloud boasts the same features and functionality as your existing system. Many organizations that find that being the case use this approach to prove a migration is possible and use it as justification to increase spend in data initiatives.

Lift “Improve” and Shift


A little lengthier than a lift and shift, a lift “improve” and shift is by far the most popular approach to cloud migrations. The concept of simply moving the existing system to the new cloud remains the same with one caveat, you improve it as you go. While converting to the cloud organizations simultaneously look for opportunities to re architect and increase efficiency through their design. Upgrading the way in which the organization stores, transforms, and accesses its data during this stage provides not only a facelift of the cloud migration, but of the overall data strategy as well.

Full Redesign


For organizations whom still battle with silo’d data systems lifting essentially useless architecture to the cloud doesn’t make much sense from a functional or economic standpoint. For many businesses, a platform change is the perfect opportunity to create a data architecture that can scale along with your organization of tomorrow.

Utilizing the scale, speed, and cost of the cloud has extreme benefits to the bottom line of any business. When the opportunity of adjusting to the cloud is capitalized upon the impacts can far outreach simply where the data is stored. 

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