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How to Turn the 3 Biggest BI Complaints Into Your 3 Biggest Differentiators

Pandera Systems sat down with Managing Director, Kevin Curley, to learn first hand how Self Service Business Intelligence can help organizations capitalize on before thought weaknesses and complaints of their analytics projects. According to Kevin, all businesses are in quite the transition period as it stands right now in 2018. Most have realized the value that analytics can bring and have made decisions to implement central Business Intelligence platforms.

Watch: Managing Director, Kevin Curley on SSBI


Managing Director, Kevin Curley talks Self Service Business Intelligence

For many, this central BI infrastructure is brand new and user complaints are abundant in the beginning. This leaves many companies confused and directionless on how to derive value from their new tech rollout. Through careful listening and focus, Kevin articulates how you can turn these complaints into an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors. To identify these differentiators Kevin first walked us through the 3 biggest complaints of fully centralized BI infrastructure.

3 Biggest Complaints


Time and Money

Because these systems are so robust, a specific report request will require time and data science resources to fulfill. This dependency often leaves users frustrated as they needed the relevant insight at the time they requested, not the time they finally received it.

Not Custom or Relevant

There are often generic department reports that may contain specific information a user is looking for. This can “work” in certain cases, but a user constantly sifting through irrelevant data will become discouraged and cause the adoption of data driven insights to fall.

I Need More

Unique questions may require unique datasets to find valuable insights. For these datasets to be integrated into a standard EDW often takes months, if it gets done at all. Leaving very valuable insights right outside of reach also discouraging users.


By taking a look at those 3 complaints do you notice a common factor? That’s right, the users. The users this platform is meant to help are getting quite the opposite. The goal of BI is to bring insights to your employees and allow them to make smarter data driven decisions; when it takes too much time, has a lot of extra fluff, and doesn’t contain all of the information needed to make a good decision the BI strategy is simply missing the boat.


Not to worry though, most companies don’t understand that they are closer to their goal of insights at scale than they realize. By flipping the script and empowering your users through cultural evolution, training, and true top-down leadership you have the opportunity to really drive your people towards becoming a data-driven organization. This concept is articulated as Self Service Business Intelligence (SSBI). Keeping in mind the top 3 complaints of centralized BI, let us see how SSBI turns those weaknesses into differentiators.

3 Biggest Differentiators


Empower users

By empowering users to build their own custom reports through training and thoughtful system design you give power to your people. When users have the ability to create and run custom reports with ease IT dependencies are eliminated and a data driven culture emerges.

Relevant and Custom Insights

When users are able to create reports based on what they specifically need insights become easier than ever before to realize and execute on. No longer will business users need to sift through pages of irrelevant data to find a specific metric.

Self Service data enrichment

Unique questions arise. By enabling end users with self-service data enrichment capabilities external data sets can help shed light on these irregular questions at the right time.

By focusing on and never losing sight of your end users you can create an SSBI culture and tech stack that separates you from the pack. All of your users empowered and trained to be data-driven will truly make success predictable.

If you would like to talk with Kevin on how an SSBI solution can positively impact your organization (or how to get there) please feel free to contact Pandera Systems or Kevin Curley directly today.

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