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How Journey Analytics Transcends Traditional Customer Mapping

Have you ever used an out-of-date map where the static picture on your screen doesn’t quite reflect what’s going on in real life? If you have, you know this map is essentially useless and leaves you with no direction.

This exact problem has plagued marketing, sales, and customer experience teams when it comes to mapping their customers’ journeys. Companies will often spend large amounts of resources to build this incredible intertwined web of connections that make up their ideal customer journey maps. The problem is, these roadmaps are hypothesized journeys based on the organization’s interpretation of customer behavior and not rooted in fact. Furthermore, these static pictures are often outdated before or shortly after their deployment as customer attention spans are dynamic and therefore so are their ideal journeys.

Through the study of billions of customer interactions in real-time, organizations are afforded the opportunity to customize and constantly evolve the journeys their customers not only want, but expect. Individual interactions can be captured in countless ways, such as IoT devices, POS systems, website analytics etc.

“What’s important to remember is that customer journeys aren’t created; they’re discovered. When we try to create journeys, we fall into one of these two traps: we either hallucinate customer needs or throw away the customer experience playbook altogether and focus on the needs we know intimately: our own.” – Jake Sorofman

Through the discovery of analytic journeys, we can create a holistic view of each unique customer and personalize the content they receive at a level like never before. The customization of content based upon prior interactions, persona’s, and unique behavior interactions help you connect the dots between millions of data points and deliver relevancy in seconds rather than months of analytic study.

Your customers expect personalized and relevant experiences through every interaction. Your ability to deliver and connect customer wants and needs to business outcomes will continue to determine the trajectory of your business. To speak to one of our Journey Analytic experts please contact us at the panel on your right.

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