We are Hiring Looker Platform Experts

Pandera is seeking Looker Architects, Engineers, and Administrators to join our fast growing team

Pandera is a highly specialized analytics and technology consulting firm with a core focus in developing data-driven solutions. As a Premier Google and Looker Partner, we bring together the most advanced software engineers, data scientists, and technologists to help transform the world’s leading brands. 

Pandera is now looking to expand our success by continuing to build our team of passionate, curious, and skilled Looker platform experts to help deliver our services at scale! Join us!

We are hiring for the following positions:

Looker – BI Architect

Pandera is looking to hire a Looker Architect with significant end-to-end expertise using the Looker platform. We are looking for individuals that have mastery over developing LookML and creating impactful experiences through Looker Dashboards, Looks, and Explores, but this person also has experience utilizing the integration and extensible capabilities of the Looker platform, such as integrating Looker into custom applications via embedding and APIs, utilizing the extension framework, and/or building custom data actions to further extend the value of the Looker platform.

Looker – BI Developer

We are looking to hire a Looker BI Developer with experience in designing and developing best-in-class end user experiences through Looker dashboards, Looks, Explores, and needs to be proficient in LookML.

This position requires the ability to interact with data using SQL, ETL, API’s, design and develop data models as well as be a subject matter expert for client facing projects.

Looker – Systems Administrator

Pandera is looking for a Looker BI Systems Administrator with significant experience managing and administering for the Looker platform to help with system architecture design, deployment strategies & workflows, authentication & authorization mechanisms, and self-hosted instance maintenance.

Interested in taking your career to the next level?