Growth Strategies During COVID-19

Tommy Bliven
Director of Marketing

Community Connect Ep.#3 | May 7th @ 4pm ET

About this event

Join us for an interactive discussion between leaders and community members on today’s most relevant topics impacting people, organizations, and industries across the globe. We welcome an exclusive panel of industry and domain experts who will provide insight into how they are approaching these topics and also help address your most pressing questions.


Growth Strategies During COVID-19

During the current economic and health crisis, is it possible to achieve growth as we navigate through these uncharted waters. With many businesses forced to close their doors and furloughs impacting the careers of many individuals, what can we do to develop a growth plan that helps us course correct? We need to take a step back and double down on the fundamentals.

We invite a panel of growth experts to help provide insight into opportunities and strategies that will help entrepreneurs and career professionals navigate these waters.

In addition, our panelists will address questions and suggestions submitted by our attendees during the session. We hope that this open dialogue will help us come together and take an interactive approach to addressing what our new reality is.


Your Hosts:

  • Tommy Bliven | Director of Marketing at Pandera | Co-Founder at TAB
  • Andrea Espulgar | Marketing Manager at Pandera

Our Panelists:

  • Allan Price | Founder at Sacred Sauce, Former Head of Digital at Monster
  • Jeremy Epperson | Head of Growth at GrowthHit
  • Joel Glenny | Co-founder at Zumbly

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