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From Dead End to Data Analytics

Boston, MA – My name is Brian O’Connor, and a year ago I made the decision to change my career and enter the innovative world of Data Analytics. Everyone wants to provide value and feel useful. Unfortunately, in your typical banking role that is not always the case. Seeing no growth path and lacking the feel of bringing actual value to my clients, I made the decision to enter the Level Education boot camp. Since then, I have been brought on the Pandera Systems team as a Business Intelligence Analyst and couldn’t be happier with where my career is heading (not to mention the value I am providing to my clients). I was honored to give a speech this past Friday at a Boston WeWork to a group of potential students interested in making the leap into the data analytics space.

I knew I wanted to bring more value to my job and ultimately clients, but I didn’t know how. I spoke to Northeastern University’s boot camp, Level Education. It is an intensive analytics boot camp that prepares students like me for success by equipping us with the data skills sought after by leading industry employers. I articulated how it was an amazing experience and ultimately the catalyst for my new career. Being a Level graduate, and now a Business Intelligence Analyst at Pandera, I have been able to use my new found skillsets to evolve client measurement systems and transform businesses each and every day. Beyond that, I really wanted to drive home the fact that there are TONS of directions and possibilities that a career in analytics can present. To do so, I decided what a better way than to articulate the broad offerings that Pandera has itself?

I digressed and focused on the Custom Programming solutions Pandera provides – specifically my work within Customer Analytics and the fascinating insights that can come from customer data. We addressed the topic of how companies can gain a competitive edge by understanding all their customers on a personal level – and described how this can be accomplished, even for companies with a large client book (Via customer segmentation and channel attribution models). We briefly discussed the concept of building predictive models to automate strategic decision making – but then I got too excited and had to tone it down a bit.

In an era fixated on big data, Pandera Systems is leading the growth of business intelligence by re-engineering decision-making environments. Pandera’s mission to accelerate business performance through the application of advanced analytical patterns and evolving technology compositions allows clients to gain a competitive advantage through immediate access to data, user self-service analytics, and applied decision sciences. All in all, I am ecstatic to be working in such an innovative and impactful field for an industry leader. If you have ever considered a career in data analytics – do it. I don’t see another career path where you can make a drastic difference from day one while also lacking a cap on what you can accomplish.

Pandera has offices in Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; London, England; Orlando, Fla.; Seattle, WA; Arlington, VA and Charlotte, N.C.

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