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Domtar: Taking their data-driven initiatives to the cloud

With Google Cloud Platform, Domtar has transformed its Business Intelligence environment and increased the adoption of their data-driven initiatives globally.

Historians say we are in the Scientific Revolution. Cloud Transformation is analogous to moving from the Agricultural to the Scientific Revolution. We have gotten smarter and don’t have to plow the fields by hand anymore as we have machines.”
– Alisha Thompson
Sr. Director, Global Digital COE and BI

The challenge

As the largest integrated producer of uncoated free-sheet paper in North America and the second-largest in the world, Domtar as a data-driven organization has realized a drastic increase in data storage and consumption needs.

To support the storage and management of their sales, customer, and product data as well as hosting of their Business Intelligence environments they required more scalability modernized infrastructure and architecture to accommodate current and future needs for all their business units across the globe. 

The solution

To support their data-driven initiatives and provide Domtar with the scalability and ease of management they require we defined an environment transformation plan that included moving their existing Business Intelligence applications to Google Cloud. 

To support the user adoption of their now modernized architecture Business Intelligence environments we provided enhanced analytical insights into app utilization, environmental health, and more to help track and maintain optimal performance of their now modernized environment. Domtar was able to not only ‘lift & shift’ their compute workloads, but the transition also improved their entire stack through immediately improving costs by understanding optimal use patterns, and through demand-based scale for their business applications used worldwide.

The results

The modernization efforts contributed to increased performance of 300% and adoption of their Business Intelligence and analytics applications throughout the organization resulting in over 200%.

These improvements are now helping Domtar’s Global Business Intelligence adoption efforts and growing valuable business insights across the enterprise and improve productivity and collaboration.