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Data Modernization
with Google Cloud

Our certified architects and engineers provide strategic guidance around Google Cloud implementation that meets your unique data requirements, optimizes costs and takes into account your need to scale and innovate.

You can expect a validated data modernization strategy and long-term roadmap that addresses the potential challenges you may encounter, and your desire to get more from your Google Cloud investment.

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Solution Overview

Why you need a
Data Modernization Strategy

Planning your data platform modernization can be an overwhelming task, and organizations are faced with many questions when beginning down this path.

Selecting the best-fit strategy for your business needs, gauging the organizational costs and ROI, complex technology and architecture decisions, process changes and governing your cloud infrastructure, are some of the key concerns organizations have to deal with when planning their data platform modernization project.

Choose the Data Modernization Strategy
option best suited for your needs

If you are at the beginning of your journey, our Data Foundations is the right place to start. We evaluate your business objectives, technology, your in-house capabilities, processes, and culture to determine workload feasibility in the cloud. Through this we help point out the potential pitfalls in your current environment, and highlight opportunities to serve as milestones when planning to build your Data Foundation.

1 – 2 weeks

  • Current State Analysis
  • Use Case Report

For those who already know they are ready for a data strategy overhaul, but just need help defining the plan and overall solution. We will design an optimal cloud data platform design and architecture, prioritize workloads and applications for migration, and a method to implement for success.

3 – 5 weeks

  • System Design
  • Implementation Plan
  • Enablement Plan

You re now in the cloud, what s next? How do you empower your business to be data-driven or stop your data lake from turning into a data swamp? We will evaluate your data platform landscape, organizational objectives, processes, and tooling. With this we can help to expand on the value your cloud data platform can offer through expansion of new use cases or implementation of a data governance framework.

3 – 5 weeks

  • Activation Plan
  • Governance Plan


Modernize your Data and Analytics through Google Cloud.

Whether you are planning or are already in the midst of your modernization journey, our experts can help you unlock the full value of your cloud investment.