Your Journey to the Cloud

Critical considerations for a successful cloud migration

The customer focus on digital transformation centers on the need to balance between flexibility, security, cost, and speed. Public cloud is increasingly integral to that business imperative, spanning choices ranging from hybrid cloud to “all-in” single cloud and even multi-cloud optimizations. IDC forecasts public cloud services spending to total to nearly $500 billion in 2023, yet despite this growth, many organizations struggle with basic cloud migration questions.

Common cloud migration questions

  • Where do I begin: what apps, workloads, and databases do I migrate?
  • Can I start in smaller, achievable sprints with verifiable wins or do I have to go all in?
  • Should I “lift and shift” legacy applications into the cloud or modify them for cloud operation?
  • How do I eliminate complexity and ensure the performance integrity of multi-tier and stateful applications?
  • How will large datasets affect my migration complexity, timeline, and cost both during migration and in-cloud?
  • How do I de-risk my migration to maintain stringent application SLAs and business continuity?
  • Does my IT team have the expertise, time, and tools to perform start-to-finish cloud migration?
  • How does this impact my budget? Can I cost-effectively scale the migration across part or all of my applications?
  • What cloud model makes sense for me?

Navigating the journey to the cloud

How you answer these questions can have a long-term impact on business agility, efficiency, level of risk, and TCO. In this guide you will learn how some of Google Cloud’s customers navigated through various conditions into a streamlined cloud migration experience.

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Our certified architects and engineers provide strategic guidance around Google Cloud implementation that meets your unique data requirements, optimizes costs and takes into account your need to scale and innovate.

You can expect a validated data modernization strategy and long-term roadmap that addresses the potential challenges you may encounter, and your desire to get more from your Google Cloud investment. Connect with us to learn more.

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