Cloud Landing Zone Accelerator

Build a sound and secure
foundation for your
cloud infrastructure.

A sound governance and operational model is key to successful cloud migration. However, most organizations do not pay attention to this factor, leading to longer migration cycles, higher cross-team interdependencies, and increasing operating costs.

Pandera’s Cloud Landing Zone Accelerator enables rapid access and configuration to cloud infrastructure on Google Cloud – built in a scalable and secure manner that allows for workload migration or to build net new.

Pandera Data Warehouse Modernization

Your Cloud Landing Zone is the first step
towards a successful cloud migration.

Why do organizations need a Cloud Landing Zone?

Cloud Landing Zones ensure your business asks the right questions and makes important decisions about how it will deploy, secure, and govern its cloud environment to achieve the following benefits:

  • Reduced manual effort, improved quality, and faster service delivery
  • Enhanced scalability, security, and governance
  • Increased network resilience and performance
  • Reduced operational cloud cost
  • Higher agility through well-defined operating model

Safe and Secure.

Enforced compliance and governance allows teams the agility to continually deploy and collaborate seamlessly without compromising your security foundations.

Enterprise Ready.

Designed from our extensive experience in delivering against the complexities of large-scale cloud transformation. Our Landing Zone Accelerator enables rapid and effective mapping of enterprise-level and requirements.


Pandera + Google Cloud

Your go-to Cloud Infrastructure solution partner.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we can confidently say that we have helped our clients transform their organizations with our specialized services and cloud solutions.

We have helped our clients reimagine what’s possible and have been awarded several specializations along the way to further solidify ourselves as your go to Data Warehouse Modernization partner.

Pandera Google Cloud Infrastructure Specialization
Pandera Google Cloud Data Analytics Specialization
Pandera Google Cloud Machine Learning Specialization

Our approach to deploying
your Cloud Landing Zone.

Our cloud infrastructure specialists work with you at every stage of this process, gaining a detailed understanding of your unique business requirements and the best for you to accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Step 1: Evaluate.

Your unique business requirements, defined in full with our cloud infrastructure specialists.

Step 2: Scope

A fully defined cloud environment that addresses immediate needs and your long term strategy.

Step 3: Execute.

With our proven accelerator we deploy your fully defined cloud environment in a fraction of the time.

Step 4: Optimize.

Work with our Cloud Managed Services team to deploy new features and get the most out of your cloud environment.


Start your Infrastructure Modernization Journey.

Whether you are planning or are already in the midst of your modernization journey, our experts can help to ensure a successful and effective migration.