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What if?

So much of what we do in healthcare is about the “what if’s”—the educated guess, or even better, the SWAG. Facts we know to be true today prove to be unfounded tomorrow. More and more data becomes available on a daily basis as we improve technical proficiencies to disseminate the pieces and parts of how and why the human body works. It is a never-ending circle of evaluation and discovery.


Could It Really Be That Easy?

We have a client who has his motto, “Make it easy, make it awesome”. This motto is clearly posted in every one of his urgent care clinics, visible to staff and patients alike. The first time I saw it, my immediate thought was, “Yeah, right.” I work in the field of health IT. Given the complexities of Meaningful Use, Accountable Care, patient privacy, population management, and patient qualities initiatives, do you seriously think anything is going to be easy? And I can’t even fathom awesome.

I have always preferred the phrase, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you,” and was having a difficult time reconciling the two seemingly divergent positions in my mind. Is it even reasonable to expect a health IT system, with the constant challenge of disparate data integration issues, lack of standard terminology, and competing government agendas to be “easy”?

If it were easy, everyone would already be doing it, right? Shouldn’t we be constantly innovating, challenging our users to push the envelope, to think outside the box?

After spending time with our client and watching his team work, it hit me. Maybe, I was missing the point. Maybe, we spend too much time pushing the envelope and we forget what the vast majority of our users really want. They want an easy way to answer the simple questions. They want the “who,” “what,” “when,” and “why” of healthcare.

It starts off innocently. We are asked by a user to build a simple metric to define a patient population based on specific criteria, but then we become our own worst enemy. What about this data exception? Wouldn’t it be cool if we could show this? But department “X” only wants to see things in a certain format. Can we build an interface for them in case they need access too?

All are questions that we could answer, but everything can quickly spiral out of control. One question, leads to another and we are suddenly complicating a simple question into a complicated algorithm that only a PhD statistician can decipher.

By accepting this self-imposed “challenge” to push the envelope we have taken the simple request, and quickly turned it into a 23-page requirement document and five-screen dashboard that needs a training tutorial and help desk backup to navigate. We still didn’t answer the simple question.

What if we turned the tables and started off answering the easy questions first? What if we empower our users to answer their own simple questions? What would health IT look like if we challenged ourselves to create an easy data framework of who, what, when, and why and then put it in the hands of our clients? Chances are the results would be pretty awesome.

Pandera Cruise 2014!

The Pandera team works hard and plays hard! We all had a great time on the open seas enjoying the cruise to Bahamas. With offices all over the country, we rarely have the opportunity to get all of our team members together. As a rapidly growing company it is essential for us to spend time with new and distant team members. This gives us a chance to learn about our coworkers’, share some laughs, and make some fun memories to brighten up our workdays. Our leadership team understands the importance of combining all of our brainpower to push toward innovative solutions. We were spoiled by some exceptional meals, Royal Caribean spa treatment, fun in the sun, a day at the Cove Atlantis waterpark, and evening at Senor Frogs. Now that our sunburns have faded, we have returned feeling refreshed, motivated, and more united.

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Pandera is Going International!

We are going global! We have expanded our professional services beyond the US market by joining one of the fastest growing and largest economies: China. We were fortunate to visit China and enjoy its culture, people, cuisine, and surroundings. We would like to thank CiMing CheckUp, China Pacific Insurance, China Unicom, and China Telecom for their hospitality and giving us the opportunity to visit them!

In an effort to help these businesses learn more about Big Data, BI Analytics, and Enterprise Decision Automation, we presented our strategic BI roadmap, led by Steven Dong. We explained our innovative solutions for gathering and organizing big data to create business alignment and improve performance for organizational success. Our solutions are designed for the widest array of devices for constant access into critical analytics. By the completion of our visit, some of China’s largest organizations gained better understanding and appreciation on the value that Pandera’s Enterprise Decision Automation solutions can deliver.


Pandera expands to new Atlanta office!

We are excited to announce our latest expansion with our new office in Atlanta! We are continuing to grow and out-pace the competition by providing unbeatable BI solutions and services. Our Atlanta office will be the home for our business development, product marketing, visual & cognitive ergonomics, and essential operations & development teams. We will also be offering our strategic advisory and alliance and managed services that will be available throughout the region. We look forward to the new opportunities that this location will provide for our partners and clients!

Pandera’s Donation to a Boston Marathon Runner

Pandera congratulates Anna Buttrey on her completion of the Boston Marathon, her 9th marathon, and most memorable! Anna is the wife of Pandera account director, Dean Buttrey. She ‘got the running bug’ after a marathon in 2006, and qualified for her first Boston last March, 2013, finishing that race in a 3:44:21. The enormous surge in support for Boston this year left Anna without a bib for the race. However, fate was on her side as she was selected to be a charity runner for the Lowell Spinners, a Single A affiliate to the Boston Red Sox. Pandera stepped forward to provide the charitable donation needed to obtain her monetary goal!

Dean and Anna traveled to Boston with their 3 children to make sure they ALL got to experience this once-in-a-life time event together! An unfortunate hamstring injury prevented Anna from training as much as she planned, but determination helped her cross that Boston Finish line, smiling her way to it – in 4:10:28!

Boston Marathon - Photo 1   Boston Marathon - Photo 2

Pandera is on the move!

In addition to keeping a sharp mind, Pandera understands the value of physical fitness to conquer every-day challenges. We’re supporting active lifestyles and improving our health by getting involved in activities like the recent IOA Corporate 5k in Orlando, and launching a company wide Fitbit challenge. We are motivating our team to keep in shape with some friendly competition. Let us know if you or your company have ideas to keep moving and keep fit.

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Welcome to the team! Our newest members…

We are excited to welcome our recent hires! Our new team members are important to developing, innovating, and improving quality of Pandera products and services. Every dedicated professional on our team adds value by contributing their expertise to improve efficiency and deliver unmatched solutions. Pandera is always in search of highly skilled experts, if you are interested in joining an organization where “success is predictable”, be sure to click here and submit your contact information.

  • Dean Buttrey, Senior Account Director
  • Jacob Murbach, Product Ideation & Development
  • Jamie VanderBaan, Project Manager
  • Ritika Pareek, BI Developer
  • Brian Arndall, Human Capital Manager
  • Ty Tucker, Solution Partner
  • Kevin Finan, Account Executive