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Employee of the Quarter Q4 2014

Tamara-Rios-EmployeeRecognitionCongratulations to Tamara Rios on earning the Employee of the Quarter award for fourth quarter of 2014! She effortlessly organizes the moving parts of complex multi-program projects, and is the glue that keeps the project together. Tamara has worked hard to improve our internal delivery management with new processes and communication methods on overall risk mitigation management. She truly facilitates the work with removing blockers while keeping a positive attitude. We are lucky to have her as part of the team!

Pandera Employee of the Quarter award for Q2 2014 – Jacob Murbach

Pandera-Award_Parsa_11172014Big congratulations to Jacob Murbach, Cloud Services Engineer, on earning the Employee of the Quarter award for the second quarter of 2014! Jacob is exceptionally hard working, and will work day and night to complete a project while keeping an impressive positive attitude! He has done an outstanding job pushing projects forward and making himself available to help everyone within the company. Jacob is a great example of how dedicated and driven the Pandera team is.

As Jacob says, “Work’s gotta get done!”

Employee Recognition Program – 1st Quarter 2014

Each quarter we recognize some of our exceptional team members for performing beyond the scope of their role and being an inspiration to the rest of the team. We have collected feedback for First Quarter 2014 across our departments and would like to express our appreciation to the team members that have certainly made an impact and help Pandera succeed time after time!

Liyang-174x218Congratulations to Liyang Zhou for being awarded the Employee of the Quarter! Liyang’s commitment and tremendous effort recently helped Pandera accomplish critical objectives with tight deadlines. He consistently exceeds expectations by delivering new functionality for our valued clients.

TyTucker-174x218Congratulations to Ty Tucker for being awarded the Outstanding Leader! 
After recently joining the Pandera team, Ty immediately dove-in, adding value to an important client project. Without limiting himself, Ty stretched his role and contributed in areas such as recruiting, business development, and delivery. He is both a respectful and respected leader who handles demanding situations with composure and control.

Yingying-174x218Congratulations to Yingying Chen for being awarded the Significant Strategic Contributor! Yingying is focused on finding innovative ways to solve problems and push technologies to the limit. She has made innovative contributions to help satisfy requirements. The value and spirit she brings to the team is instrumental for developing new techniques and implementing them into projects.

Employee Recognition Program – 4th Quarter 2013

Each quarter we recognize some of our outstanding team members for performing above and beyond expectations. We have collected feedback for Fourth Quarter 2013 across our departments and would like to express our appreciation to some of our team member for their exceptional work!

Parsa ShamsCongratulations to Parsa Shams for being awarded the Employee of the Quarter! Parsa consistently exceeds expectations on his projects. He challenges current methods and has become knowledgeable on multiple additional topics to enhance the value of his work. Parsa has never turned down an opportunity and has been cross utilized on many projects as a BI developer, BI Architecht, and Business Analyst for Solutions. Thank you, Parsa, for being an inspiration to the team!

Christine ZombakisCongratulations to Christine Zombakis for being awarded the Outstanding Leader! Christine has continuously managed projects to successful completion. She confronts issues head on providing clarity and visibility as they arise. She has helped Pandera create a structured procedure in order to succeed. She works diligently and exhibits leadership skills that encourage collaboration. We are fortunate to have Christine on our team!

Jacob BarrCongratulations to Jacob Barr for being awarded the Significant Strategic Contributor! Jacob stood out amongst his peers for providing a new innovation that has left our competitors scrambling to catch-up. His extensive work in getting leap motion adapter set-up and connected to Microstrategy, was untried by any competitor, and represents a huge advantage in the marketplace. We appreciate all of Jacob’s hard work!

Pandera Outstanding Leader award for Q3 2013 – Ying Huang

Congratulations to Ying Huang, Sr. BI Developer, for the Outstanding Leader award for the third quarter of 2013!  Ying has demonstrated outstanding leadership by building strong relationships with her team and coaching them to success.  She established herself as an exceptional leader by building a dynamic team to develop and deliver product solutions.

Pandera significant strategic contribution award for Q2 2013 – Chris Lilly and Eric Rambow

Congratulations to Chris Lilly and Eric Rambow for sharing the Significant Strategic Contribution award for the second quarter of 2013!  These two Pandera professionals stood out amongst their peers for providing Pandera with a new deliverable, globally reusable asset, or significant process improvement. They brought new innovation to Pandera and a new way of thinking in the form of technical and functional guidance, as well as leadership on a valuable pilot application. Chris and Eric combined expertise to produce technical assets and documentation that can be leveraged to provide immediate value for other clients. Their exceptional work will contribute to our reusable, marketable product architectures.

Pandera top employee award for Q2 2013 – “Sai” Saireddygari

Congratulations to Sainath R. Saireddygari for being voted as the Employee of the Quarter, for the second quarter of 2013!  Sai exemplifies what team leadership is all about, he takes the initiative and puts in extra effort to ensure project requirements are met and delivery is on time. His positive attitude and character makes him an easy fit into any team, and a great asset to the Pandera organization. We are pleased to recognize Sai’s outstanding contribution to our success and the success of our clients.

Pandera strategic contributor award for Q1 2013 – Josh Lumseyfai

Congratulations to Josh Lumseyfai for winning Pandera’s Significant Strategic Contribution award, for the first quarter of 2013!  This award goes to the candidate who stood out amongst their peers for developing ideas that give Pandera a new and unique deliverable, globally-reusable asset, or improves delivery in a significant way.  Josh’s innovation assisted with solidifying internal front-end processes, delivering measurable improvement.  His efforts defined requirements, provided new frameworks, improved presentation formats, and standardized design template components, instrumental in future successful design of other projects.